The Home and Road Effect

Ryan Pike
October 13 2014 08:30AM

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Coaching in the National Hockey League is basically two sets of skills. At home, you need to effectively identify the other team's weakest players and put your best players out against them in order to maximize your home ice advantage and last change. On the road, you need to cope with what happens when the other coach does that to you, and do your best to implement a game-plan to counter the disadvantage you face while on the road.

Over the course of the pre-season, in discussions with other media members, I noted that coaching against the Calgary Flames probably has a simple strategy: isolate their best possession players (Giordano, Brodie and Backlund) as much as you can and do what you can to run up the score when they're not on the ice.

While no perfect measure exists quite yet to see if that is precisely the case, last year's data from Hockey Analysis (and War on Ice) allows us to compare possession stats at home and on the road to see how differently each player is used and how their Corsi production changes as a result.

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The Nation Minute

Nation World HQ
October 13 2014 06:00AM

The Nation Network brings you the Nation Minute, a rapid fire look around the network and the NHL. On tap this week: Don Cherry and the Leafs, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jeff Petry, Mason Raymond and more.

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Byron Bader
October 12 2014 12:31PM

The data collection for the NHL's new fancy stat motion has been impressive and is getting more detailed and helpful by the day.  There was always one thing missing for me ... advanced stats, or any stats at all, on line combinations.  Matt Pfeffer changed this through his website  The site includes many of the pertinent stats of today (Corsi, Fenwick, WOWY, Usage, etc.) but it is also the first website that I've come across that has advanced stats on forward line combinations and d-pairings. 

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Prospect Round-Up (October 11 2014)

Ryan Pike
October 12 2014 12:35AM

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'Twas a bit lighter schedule for the prospects tonight. The Oshawa Generals and Charlottetown Islanders were off tonight, so no OHL or QMJHL results. One prospect returned from injury, while another missed a game due to a new one.

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Post-Game: Out-Gunned

Ryan Pike
October 11 2014 11:07PM

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After a win in Edmonton on Thursday, the Calgary Flames hit the road in earnest on Saturday night when they visited the St. Louis Blues at Scottrade Center.

The road hit back.

The Flames dropped a rather one-sided game by a 4-1 score. The Blues didn't give the Flames much, and took advantage of their chances. Given the fact that the home side got the lead 48 seconds into the game, on the very first shot of the game, the outcome was never in doubt and the Blues never really seemed too impressed or concerned with the visitors from Calgary.

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