2014 NHL Draft Midseason Top 5: Who Will The Flames Land?

Christian Roatis
January 15 2014 07:18AM


                                                                    pic via: TheWorldOfJuniorHockey

The saying "it's been tough sledding" has been all too true in Calgary over the past few weeks. For one, the National Hockey League team rebuilding in the StampedeCity has been having trouble scoring goals, forget winning games, which can really begin to get frustrating. Also, it's been warmer outside of late which has made the snow heavier and stickier making sledding more tough.

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Post Game: Carter Hutton Leaves Calgary Hurtin'

January 14 2014 09:32PM



Carter Hutton was actually just okay, I just really wanted to lead with that headline.

Coming off a great game last night against Carolina where Karri Ramo was crazy unreal good, the Flames looked to take that momentum and convert it into something we haven't seen from this team quite some time: a winning streak.

A 2 game winning streak is as meager as it gets, but we'll take what we can get, will we not, Citizens? (We will)

The Nashville Predators had a thing or two or four to say about that though, and ultimately they stood in the way of your Calgary Flames just enough tonight to dash our hopes and dreams forever except for the one where they draft Same Reinhart.

Read the let's hope really well written review of the Flames 4-2 loss after the jump!

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The Time Brian Burke Beat the CBA

January 14 2014 12:39PM


This man is currently contemplating the ideal barn layout.


While I still feel fairly hesistant about Brian Burke as the Calgary head honcho, it's important to remember that he's not a stupid man. His views about the importance of certain attributes may be misguided, but he's hardly a complete caveman. 


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FGD: Gaining Momentum

Byron Bader
January 14 2014 10:53AM

-via wilsonti

Tonight, the Calgary Flames (16-24-6) continue their mini two-game east coast road trip when they head to Music City U.S.A aka Nashville, Tennessee for a date with the Predators (19-21-7).  The puck drops at 6 pm MT.  Catch it on the Fan960 or Sportsnet West.

After arguably the worst stretch of the Flames' existence, that saw them get shut out 5 out of 7 games, the Flames have been turning the tide on scoresheet terribleness.  The better play started to take shape on Saturday when the Flames put in a pretty good effort against Crosby and the Penguins.  They lost the game but the effort was there and they scored once.  All positives.  The momentum continued into last night's tilt with the Hurricanes.  The Flames played their best road game in about two months in this one.  The Flames skated away with a 2-0 victory.

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Post-Game: Flames Stymie 'Canes

Taylor McKee
January 13 2014 08:00PM

Pic via tico_manudo

There has been a lot of darkness surrounding the Flames as of late, a lot of glum discussions about offensive futility, frustrations at the makeup of the roster, and wringing of hands regarding the lack of roster movements. A win or loss in any one game doesn't alleviate these concerns in any real sense but a win like tonight's in Raleigh just feels nice. 

Sure the Hurricanes didn't play great and the Flames were bound to start scoring eventually after an unprecedented stretch of impotence but tonight's 2-0 win over Carolina was a nice glass of warm milk compared to the waking nightmare of the past few games. 

The Flames got strong efforts from Backlund, Brodie, Monahan, Byron, (Backlund and Monahan scoring the goals) and carried the play throughout the whole game, wholly deserving this victory. Also, Karri Ramo earned his first career shutout which was nice to see as well. 

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