Post-Game: Gaudreau, Jooris 86 The Jets

Ryan Pike
October 02 2014 10:35PM

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The Calgary Flames went into the last home pre-season game hoping for some decisions to become clearer.

They went into the third period of the game hoping for some signs of life from their veterans or their kids after a lackluster second period.

They left the contest with potentially even less clarity in their final cuts than they had hoped to find. The Flames dominated the third period and beat the Winnipeg Jets 4-2.

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FGD: Meet the Jets (7pm MT, no TV)

Ryan Pike
October 02 2014 11:39AM

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The home side of the Calgary Flames pre-season schedule will be completed this evening, as the Flames host the Winnipeg Jets at the friendly confines of the Scotiabank Saddledome.

And if you remembered the pre-season Golden Rule when buying your tickets for the exhibition schedule - go as late in the schedule as possible - you'll be seeing a mostly NHL-ready Flames line-up facing a similarly stacked Jets squad.

In short: it's the closest we'll get to NHL action before October 8. No TV, but the Flames site might have a stream. Maybe.

UPDATE: The Flames site and the Sportsnet site are streaming the game! But only for those who live in the "Flames broadcast region."

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Five things: Getting closer

Ryan Lambert
October 02 2014 09:52AM

1. Raphael Diaz's impending contract

As I write this on late Wednesday afternoon, Nolan Yonkman and Sheldon Brookbank have been released from their tryouts with the Flames. Makes sense to me. They're the latest in a string of veterans league-wide who were on such deals and have since received their walking papers. "Thanks for playing in those exhibition games so we met the NHL veteran minimums, now go on ahead and have a good career, somewhere else, please and thanks.

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Who's Left?

Ryan Pike
October 01 2014 11:49AM

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The axe fell this morning at the Scotiabank Saddledome, with the Calgary Flames assigning a slew of bodies to the American Hockey League - or to purgatory, depending on if one had a contract. Headed to Adirondack are Sena Acolatse (pending waivers), Brett Kulak, Corban Knight, Max Reinhart and Bill Arnold. Headed to an abyss of contractual uncertainty are try-out players Sheldon Brookbank and Nolan Yonkman.

The Adirondack Flames play pre-season games on Friday and Saturday against Utica, so the guys who got sent down will get into game action almost right away.

Now that the Flames are down to a lean 33-man camp roster, the big question remains: who is left?

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Post-Game: Hiller Stands Tall

Ryan Pike
September 30 2014 10:15PM

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(NOTE: Getty doesn't have any Flames photos of Hiller yet; let's all pretend that they do, 'kay?)

Heading into the 2014-15 campaign, I didn't know a heck of a lot about Jonas Hiller.

I knew he was Swiss. I knew he usually had sweet pads and a cool mask. But I didn't know much about his style. Turns out he's a pretty effective positional netminder who doesn't make a lot of big flashy saves, but also doesn't make a lot of big flashy mistakes. He was the difference-maker in Calgary's 2-0 pre-season victory at home this evening.

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