Now I Got Worry: The Flames Ain't Playin' Hockey (REDUX!)

September 25 2012 11:45AM

(Whoops.  I meant to add a whole ton more to this piece before I published it.  Now it just feels incomplete, so I'm adding everything all anew.  If you read this before, read it again.  I promise it will be better - BoL)

I don't know if any of you out there have noticed, but there's not a lot going on at the Dome today. It's like the players, coaches, scouts, management, media, and fans all collectively forgot to attend training camp this morning. I have no idea why.

I suppose that contentious little quibbling over money might have something to do with it, but the fact remains: your Calgary Flames are not playing hockey. Like, anywhere, man. We should find this distressing.

But considering how up in arms the masses got when the news broke that the Flames wouldn't be playing at a golf tournament, the relative detachment from the C of Red on this subject buffaloes my understanding of just what people want this team to do. Clearly, dissecting the inner workings of the average Flames fan is well beyond the scope of my own expertise, so that's going to be an experiment for another day.

Especially since there's just so much more to talk about when it comes to the team and where they'll find themselves playing during the lockout (more specifically, where they aren't)

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Meet the Heat: Who the heck are these guys?

Ryan Pike
September 25 2012 08:30AM



On Friday, the closest thing that we'll get to a Calgary Flames training camp kicks off. But it won't be in Calgary. Instead, it's far, far away in Abbotsford, British Columbia, as the Abbotsford Heat begin camp for the 2012-13 season.

But who, exactly, are these guys? Most of them are Flames draft picks, although a good many of them are not. In the interest of providing fans with a bit of knowledge about these players, here is a brief look at the men who comprise the Flames farm team.

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Alarmism: What's the Worst Case Lockout Scenario? (Hint: It Involves More Lockouts)

September 24 2012 02:30PM



I don't necessarily believe this will happen. I certainly hope it doesn't. But having a second lockout in consecutive CBA negotiations and the possibility of another cancelled season give rise to worry for a specific worst-case scenario: that this process - this absurd ridiculous asinine CBA process - is doomed to repeat itself.

Sure, it's a bit premature to worry about a CBA in 7-10 years when the NHL and NHLPA haven't even figured out the CBA for the 7-10 years leading up to it, but it's a valid worry, and one that says a lot about the level of confidence that should be placed in the two organizations.

Note: for the purpose of this article, I'm assuming this is a lost season already. Because let's be honest: it probably is.

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On the Edmonton Arena Deal Kerfuffle

Kent Wilson
September 24 2012 12:40PM



Although there are no game results to talk about or aniticipate right now, there remains plenty of hockey related business items to discuss. The Oilers arena thing is turning into a bit of a fiasco, but also following a path well worn by other sports owners who have extracted public dollars for private interests in the past.

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The Best of the Nation - 9.24.12

Jonathan Willis
September 24 2012 10:34AM

Nathan MacKinnon is the consensus pick as the best player eligible for the 2013 Draft. Who else is available? What NHL list that nobody wants to be on did Ryan Kesler just make? What kind of livestock did an NHL executive compare NHL players to? Why is Toronto slamming the “best goalie coach on the planet”? When will the NHL lockout end?

All that and more, after the jump.

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