Another One Bites the Dust - Ryan Howse Defects

Kent Wilson
September 04 2013 04:09PM


The Flames announced today that former 3rd rounder Ryan Howse did not report to rookie camp and has been suspended by the team. The left winger was a big scorer in the WHL, managing 47 and 51 goals in his final two seasons in the dub. His scouting report came with a lot of red flags, however - his one dimensional game, lackluster skating and average vision meant Howse was a bit of a longshot heading into pro.

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Assessing the Flames Future Roster Gaps

September 04 2013 12:19PM



Before setting out on a project one first needs to establish an end goal as well as a series of markers that help to measure success.

One way of doing this is to mock up a roster with available players and best-bet prospects in their most reasonable positions, see where the gaps are, and craft strategies to acquire the missing assets.

Below is a rough sketch of what the Flames’ roster might look like this October...

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Should Ryan Culkin Go Pro?

Ryan Pike
September 04 2013 09:10AM


One of the more intriguing things about the upcoming training camp is the status of defensive prospect Ryan Culkin. Calgary's fifth round choice in 2012, Culkin's a December 1993 birthday – meaning he's (a) an overager in the QMJHL and (b) eligible to play in the American Hockey League because he's 20 before the year's up. Moreover, Flames GM Jay Feaster noted that, based on his play at the Youngstars Tournament, Culkin could earn an NHL two-way deal.
But should the Flames sign Ryan Culkin and have him go pro? There's several factors in play.

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The Flames Experience, Or Please Keep Coming To The Games

September 03 2013 12:50PM


Flames - Game 7 - May 3, 2006
photo by Ben Tong


The sport of hockey is unlike any other. It has a purer flow that requires a more visceral intuition of the game, both from an on ice perspective and that of the supporter in the stands. As far as spectator sports go, hockey gives you more bang for your buck action wise, with more events packed into a one hour segment than any other athletic competition you can spend your money on.

As a result, just watching a hockey game live is an experience, one that stands on its own. Key moments in games can be instantly hazy in one's memory as another key moment followed so shortly after. Your attention and focus during game time is paramount. But that's why we go to the games.

But what happens to that live experience when your team sucks? (Or, um, let's say probably GOING TO suck)

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Random Thoughts - A Big Year For Horak

Kent Wilson
September 03 2013 08:29AM



This week rookie camp opens up and the young stars tournament goes live in Penticton. Real hockey news everyone! For now, occupy yourself with my last, desperate random thoughts article.

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