Monday Random Thoughts - Iginla's Last Hurrah and Other Things

Kent Wilson
March 25 2013 11:45AM


We're less than a week away from the trade deadline and it's more than probable that Jarome Iginla will be elsewhere come April the 4th. Last night was a bittersweet moment for Flames fans, with the captain scoring the game winning goal and Miikka Kiprusoff putting together his first true "stolen game" performance of the season. Shades of 2004. 

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POST-GAME: Thank You Iggy!!!

Vintage Flame
March 24 2013 10:24PM


This team needed a win! It didn't matter how they got it, who they had to run over or who they got to score the goals to get them there, they just had to find a way to make it happen tonight.

It was fan appreciation night and I don't care who you are, you should never get embarrassed in your barn on the night you are trying to honour your fans for sticking with you through thick and thin; and let's face it folks, it's getting pretty thin for your Calgary Flames.

It would be the most unlikely of sources to get things going for the Flames tonight, and it would be the same guy, that was almost a healthy scratch tonight that would get the team back on the rails when the game started getting out of control. But it would be two familiar names, two household names that would keep it all in perspective and round things out to give this game the storybook ending that we all got to see.

So wipe the tears from your eyes and let's take a look back.

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FGD: Blue Travelers Return Home

Ryan Pike
March 24 2013 02:34PM

The Calgary Flames return home to the friendly confines of the Scotiabank Saddledome to host the St. Louis Blues tonight. Game time is 6pm on Fan 960 and Sportsnet West.

The Flames are in must-win territory, having lost six of their last eight games, assuming they have any shot at the playoffs at all. Oddly enough, though, they've won six in a row at home and gone winless in nine on the road. The home wins have mostly come against good teams, and that home cooking will need to continue if they're to have any hope of a playoff berth or a respectable finish down the stretch.

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Has Iginla Submitted a 4 team list?

Kent Wilson
March 24 2013 11:21AM

According to Renaud Lavoie of RDS (warning: french) , Jarome Iginla has officially submitted a list of 4 potential destinations: Pittsburgh, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. I have heard from other quarters for about a week or so that Iginla has indeed waived his NTC, so it wouldn't surprise me if this report proves to be accurate. It's somewhat of a strange outlet to break this kind of news, however, so for now we'll consider this more rumor than fact.

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POST-GAME: All Good Things are Wild and Free!

Vintage Flame
March 22 2013 08:59PM


They say at the moment when death is imminent there is a sort of calm that comes over the mind, that is liberating and can be described as uninhibeted  freedom.

One has to wonder how enraged Flames fans were tonight, even though the outcome was expected. What would be even more interesting is how it long it took those same fans to experience that numbness, or that wave of liberation as to what exactly is left for this team and where exactly they are going.

Justin titled the FGD: Choose Your Own Path, and I suspect he was making more reference to the fanbase than the team itself. The Flames seem stuck in a path that they can no longer determine, they no longer have that freedom, rather they are on the wild run... kind of like a runaway train?

If you're still reading this, then let's see how it all played out...

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