Development Camp Thoughts

Pat Steinberg
July 11 2011 03:12AM

With Calgary Flames development camp all wrapped up for 2011, I thought I'd share my thoughts after being at the Don Hartman NE Sportsplex for four of the five days.  It certainly was a different look from years past, with a whole lot more skill on the ice than we've seen in other years.  From dynamos like Paul Byron and Jon Gaudreau to newly signed Sven Bartschi, there was lots to be positve about.

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July 10 2011 11:33AM

Tracy Morgan? Jeremy Roenick? A seven year old commercial for an ice hockey video game?

Oh yes. It's NationRadio.

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Flames Trade Keith Seabrook

Kent Wilson
July 09 2011 01:37PM



The Flames announced via twitter today that they have acquired defenseman Jordan Henry from the Florida Panthers for Keith Seabrook.

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Parallel Paths

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2011 10:55AM


Objects on a parallel course give us an interesting example of unification and divergence. On the one hand, they are travelling along the same path, moving towards a common destination, and they never diverge from that path. On the other hand, they never converge; that is to say that despite all the similarities of their path they remain as far apart from each other at the end of their course as they did at the beginning.

What on Earth am I talking about here?

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Talking About John Gaudreau

Kent Wilson
July 08 2011 10:38AM



When the Flames announced John Gaudreau's name at the entry draft in Minnesota, it was the first time I'd ever heard of him. I had to look his stats at hockeydb to make sure he was a real hockey player. There I discovered he put up fine numbers, but was the size of most 10th-graders at 5'6" and 140 pounds.

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