Vintage Flame
November 10 2011 02:52PM


Unfortunately this is a story that is becoming all too familiar. The Flames tendency to take one step forward and then one, or even two, steps back is starting to take its toll on many people. There are more questions arising each day than answers can be provided. What has me scratching my head is that if the fans, players, coaches and management are all asking the same thing... then why the hell isn't something being done about it? The buck stops somewhere eventually and when it does, the sounds of the death knell may not be too far behind.

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Backlund Returns - Strategy and Roster Recommendations

Kent Wilson
November 10 2011 09:13AM


This morning on Twitter Mikael Backlund confirmed he will indeed return to the line-up tomorrow night versus the Chicago Blackhawks. Backlund has been out since the start of the season with a broken finger, but is apparently 100% after six weeks of rest and two surgeries on the injured digit.

This has a number of implications for the current line-up. First is that the Flames are already at the 23-man roster limit. Backlund's activation means one of the other players - likely a forward - has to go away. And second, new line combos and coaching decisions are avaialble.

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Can Teams Win By Taking Higher Quality Shots?

Jonathan Willis
November 09 2011 11:05PM

Shot quality is a hot-button issue among people who spend time trying to learn about the game of hockey through statistical analysis.

Intuitively, we all know that shot quality exists. A quick blast from center ice immediately prior to a line change is far less likely to score than a superstar taking a shot on a breakaway. The question, then, isn’t whether shot quality exists – we know it does – but whether teams can use it to help them win games.

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Some Good News - Flames Prospects Update

Kent Wilson
November 09 2011 10:46AM



As Flames fans and management are left to wonder what to do with the team in the big leagues, there is some good news for the organization beyond the NHL. A number of Calgary's futures are having themselves a pretty good start to the season and given the way things are going for the Flames currently the kids may become important sooner rather than later. Here's a look at some of the stand-outs.

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Postgame: Power Outage

Nation World HQ
November 08 2011 10:49PM

The theme of Calgary's 3-0 loss to the Minnesota Wild was their powerplay, or in this case, the lack thereof.  With a full five minute major sprinkled in there, the Flames went a completey inneffective 0-7 on the man advantage while allowing their opponent to score one of their own.  A dominating first period saw Calgary down a goal, and the final 40 minutes was not very impressive en route to their seventh loss of the season.

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