Flames Scoring Projections

Robert Vollman
November 24 2011 10:49AM



For the past couple of months we've been using the Snepsts System to search the NHL's entire history for players with similar era-adjusted statistics as our beloved Flames, and then basing projections on what happened to those similar players.  This week we're going to bring it all together and see what the final scoring totals may look like at year's end.

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Postgame: Sinking Further

Nation World HQ
November 23 2011 08:03PM

For the first time this season, the Calgary Flames have fallen three games below the .500 mark thanks to a 5-3 loss Wednesday night in Detroit.  It was a game where Calgary lead in the second period and were even heading into the third, but it was also a game where the Flames made too many mistakes in tie game situations late in the contest.  It's now an 0-2 start to Calgary's road trip.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 20 versus Detroit Red Wings

Kent Wilson
November 23 2011 07:45PM



Final Score: 5-3 loss

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Game 20 - Flames vs Red Wings Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 23 2011 04:00PM

Ironically, a couple of the Flames better games in the first quarter have been against the Red Wings and Blackhawks - clubs that have routinely beat up Calgary previously. Tonight, the Flames will try to repeat the feat against the Red Wings, although the prior win featured several goals by a line that probably won't be in play tonight - Iginla/Jokinen/Glencross.

That match featured Iginla's best asset as things stand - his shot. The captain is still dangerous with the puck on his stick in the slot and around the net, so they'll need more of that if a win tonight is the goal.

He's only scored once since, but it should be noted the first line's scoring chances numbers have improved since Backlund rejoined the active roster. The goals haven't been there, but the arrows are going in the right direction. Consider the fact that Backlund's relative corsi rating (his possession rate less the team's possession rate when he's on the bench) is an incredible +24.5/60. The puck is moving in the right direction with Backs on the ice, so we can expect a break out for him (and perhaps Iggy and Tangs) sooner rather than later I think. Maybe it starts tonight?

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FGD: Wing It

Nation World HQ
November 23 2011 11:29AM

It depends on who you ask, but some believe Calgary's 4-1 win in Detroit earlier this month was their finest effort so far this season.  That can be argued against Friday's Chicago win, but one thing is true: the Flames were full marks for their November 3rd win over the Red Wings.  Coming off a disappointing effort Monday in Columbus, the Flames could use another one of those efforts when they meet Detroit again tonight (5 pm, TSN and Sportsnet 960).

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