Inconsistent Iginla, Team Canada Edition

Pat Steinberg
February 22 2010 08:46AM

Ice Hockey - Day 7 - Switzerland v Canada

It's been an up and down Olympics for Team Canada forward Jarome Iginla, not unlike his season with the Calgary Flames. Some pretty good highs, and some pretty invisible periods which you can classify as lows. And after a 5-3 win loss to Team USA on Sunday night, I'm still not sure what to make of Jarome Iginla, Team Canada Edition.

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Jason Gregor
February 21 2010 08:40PM

"I can handle losing to any country, but losing to the USA is the equivalent of getting a swift kick to the balls, right after being punched square in the balls." - Minister Towelboy to Wanye via bbm, 0.01 seconds after the end of game.

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Jason Gregor
February 21 2010 04:16PM

Olympic question: Who is Canada ’s biggest rival when it comes to hockey; Russia or the United States?

We could sit here and argue until the 2014 Winter Games begin but there would be no clear cut winner. There are such different styles of play when comparing games against the US compared to those against Russia that the rivalries are almost completely different.

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Bourque: How much? How long?

Jean Lefebvre
February 21 2010 12:59PM

Of all the potential unrestricted free agent cases this summer, Rene Bourque's is the most "most."

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Family Feud: Flames edition?

Jean Lefebvre
February 19 2010 08:35PM

Thank goodness for the Olympic break as far as the Calgary Flames are concerned. If the chemistry-rattling trades with the Maple Leafs and Rangers weren't enough to resolve the discord in the dressing room, then surely the two-week cooling-off period for the winter five-ring circus will bring relief to one of the National Hockey League's most dysfunctional clubs. 

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