What are the odds?: Draft prospect Michael Bunting

Steve Dangle
June 27 2014 12:37AM

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Hey everyone! Steve "Dangle" Glynn here. I'll be in Philadelphia with Canucks Army overlord Dimitri Filipovic for this year's NHL Entry Draft! We'll be gathering lots of content, some team specific and some that everyone can enjoy, so I hope you like it! I'm not in Philly just yet but I wanted to get a head start with interviews of some of this year's draft prospects. Thanks for reading!

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The Mock Draft 2.0

Christian Roatis
June 26 2014 05:15PM

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I posted version 1.0 of my Mock Draft shortly after the NHL Draft Lottery (link), and there have been some changes in version 2.0. Drafts are extremely tough to mock, especially ones like this one with tons of varying opinions on players, but they're fun nonetheless.

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Nation World HQ
June 26 2014 12:58PM


Our writers around the Nation Network have done a fantastic job profiling all the top prospects for this weekend’s NHL draft.  Here is all you need to know about the players expected to be picked early in tomorrow’s first round.

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Flames First Three Rounds: A Retrospective

Ryan Pike
June 26 2014 11:08AM

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It's almost time!

The 2014 NHL Draft goes Friday and Saturday from scenic Philadelphia, PA. The Calgary Flames own five picks in the first three rounds. To edify my own curiosity, I went ahead and made a fancy table of every Flames pick in the first three rounds since 2001 - the year Tod Button became head scout and began running the draft board. Each player is listed in overall order, and listed with the number of pro games they've played split into North America's three major leagues (the NHL, the AHL and the ECHL).

Table after the jump!

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Five things: Silly season

Ryan Lambert
June 26 2014 08:08AM


1. Okay, now I'm positive

I've long said that I don't think Mike Cammalleri was going to come back to Calgary, and now given the term and money distributed to players in the last day or so, I'm convinced he's gone unless the Flames want to get into a shoving match.

The contracts given to Marian Gaborik (better than Cammalleri) and Ryan Callahan (worse) yesterday have me pretty convinced that when it comes to long-term deals, teams will not be scared off by things like age or durability. Gaborik and Cammalleri are both 32, and the former got seven years out of Los Angeles, albeit at a relatively low price point. Callahan is three years younger, but got six years and $5.5 million out of Tampa despite not producing as much and being all but guaranteed to miss at least a quarter of those seasons, as he does every year.

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