Nation Radio - September 1, 2012

September 02 2012 09:38AM

Allan, in front, does the show while Kent Wilson (note the glorious mustache) and henchmen watch

It's the labour day long weekend! While most everyone was out enjoying the long weekend, drinking a beer or watching the kids run around for the last, few, short hours before school starts again, Allan Mitchell was hunched over a desk, calling people enjoying the break, and demanding they talk to him about hockey. A surprisingly large group of helpful experts not only answered the phone but also answered his questions - and here we are.

This is Nation Radio. 

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FN Weekend Open Thread - News and Suggestions

Kent Wilson
September 01 2012 10:22AM



Im sharing the Three Flames Fans video for a couple reasons: firstly, because it's well done, so deserves to be shared. Secondly, because I've talked to the man behind TFF, Jared Keeso, and he's interested in potentially partnering up with FlamesNation for similar project down the road. How does htat sound folks?

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What to do with Matt Stajan?

Kent Wilson
August 31 2012 12:07PM



As the summer has gone along, I've spent some time fiddling with the Flames roster. While the weird mishmash in the top-9 makes for nearly endless combinations, the one constant in almost all of my iterations is: there's no place for Matt Stajan.

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On Rebuilding, Part 8: The Florida Panthers

Jonathan Willis
August 30 2012 11:47AM

Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris' series on rebuilds continues with the Florida Panthers.

The Florida Panthers have recently been held up as proof that a team doesn't need to be terrible for long periods in order to become good. Many fans have commented that they would prefer to see their team take the approach of Dale Tallon and the Florida Panthers over that of the Edmonton Oilers, and that a team can be rebuilt on the fly, with as much chance of success as a “nuclear-style” rebuild.

Our task in this case is to find the truth in this matter. The Panthers have obviously rebuilt under Dale Tallon, that much is clear. The question becomes was this rebuild done in such a fashion that it can reasonably be applied to other situations and franchises where a team can be remade over a summer and go from a perennial bottom-place team to a playoff contender? In order to ask, and eventually answer, that question one needs to look at the talents that were acquired between the period of poor performance and resurgence, the existing conditions that facilitated this remodeling (in case the term rebuild is becoming repetitive), and what assets were acquired as a result of the Panthers being so bad, and drafting so high, under earlier management as well as their true impact on the recent improvement of the team.

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Sliding Sven Baertschi's ELC

Kent Wilson
August 30 2012 11:46AM



With the possibility of Sven Baertschi spending a season in the AHL in lieu of a locked-out NHL season, there's been lots of questions popping up about his pro eligibility and the possibility of his entry level contract (ELC) "sliding" (meaning, the team doesn't burn the first year of his 3 year contract if he plays in the minors). Both seem to be relatively simple questions, but the truth is only one of them is easily answered.

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