Flames Forward Prospects NHLE 2011-2012

Kent Wilson
April 19 2012 03:45PM



We did this in the middle of February previously, so I figured with all the regular seasons finished it was about time to update things.

For those who don't recall, "NHLE" is short for NHL equivalency, which is mathy way to compare prospects across different leagues. To get a kid's NHLE, you multiple his point-per-game rate by a "translation factor" based on the leagues quality relative to the NHL. The translation factors were originally determined by Gabriel Desjardins of behindthenet.ca fame.

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Reviewing Flames Defensemen Projections

Robert Vollman
April 19 2012 11:41AM



Calgary’s blue line was overhauled in the 2011 off-season. Absent for the first time since 1999 was Robyn Regehr, along with depth pieces Steve Staios and Adam Pardy, replaced with Chris Butler, Scott Hannan and Derek Smith.

To help set scoring expectations for Calgary’s blue line, and indeed their entire line-up, we used the Snepsts System of searching NHL’s long history for players with similar scoring totals, and using their following seasons as a basis for predicting how well each of today’s player would do in 2011-12.  For each player we found players with similar historical scoring results to set high-water, low-water and average scoring results.

It’s one thing to publish your pre-season player scoring projections, but it’s another to circle back and see how you did.  We started last week with a look at Calgary’s top-six forwards, for which we were probably 3-3, although we probably picked up the loser point in two of those losses. 

This week we’ll look at Jay Bouwmeester, Anton Babchuk and Mark Giordano, followed by a look at the scaled down version we adopted for those of more modest scoring like Cory Sarich, Scott Hannan and Chris Butler.  We’ll conclude with a look back at the AHL-to-NHL translations we used to predict scoring for those with limited NHL experience like T.J. Brodie, Derek Smith and the relatively unused Brett Carson and Clay Wilson.

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Series Preview: Heat vs Admirals

Kent Wilson
April 19 2012 07:13AM



With Abbotsford in the AHL playoffs this year, I asked PbP voice and friend of the site Ryan Pinder to give us an insiders view of their upcoming first round series.

By Ryan Pinder

The Abbotsford Heat and Milwaukee Admirals are set to open a best-of-five first round Calder Cup Playoff match-up on Friday night in Milwaukee. The Heat enter the series as the fourth seed – five points above the fifth place Admirals - and have elected to open on the road for the first two games, before returning to the Fraser Valley to close out the remainder of series.

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First Round Potpourri - April 18th, 2012

Kent Wilson
April 18 2012 12:03PM



The season is over for the Flames, but there's still plenty of interesting things going on. The first round has been replete with upsets, blow-outs, unprecedented violence and all the controversy that typically accompanies such things.

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Five things: That was easy

Ryan Lambert
April 18 2012 08:52AM


1. Boooo Brendan Shanahan you bum

It really isn't easy heading up the NHL's department of player safety. Ask Colin Campbell.

That having been said, Brendan Shanahan has done a spectacularly poor job this postseason, and everyone has delighted in pointing it out for every missed call and Shea Weber fine. Frankly, it's a little easy to go, "Well he's not suspending stars, only rookies!" and that much is true.

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