Postgame: Heritage Victory

Kent Wilson
February 20 2011 07:53PM



Flames braved the cold and jumped into 6th in the Western Conference this evening by defeating the Montreal Canadiens 4-0. The conditions weren't ideal, with chippy, fragile ice and bitter winds, but Calgary kept things exceedingly simple and rode a dominant first period to a relatively easy victory.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 61 versus Montreal

Kent Wilson
February 20 2011 07:23PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20890

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Game No. 61: Wear some mittens

Ryan Lambert
February 20 2011 03:42PM


Even though it's not, I'm gonna treat this one like any other game, because that's how the Flames need to approach it.

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FGD: Get It Over With

Pat Steinberg
February 20 2011 10:51AM

The Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens play their much anticipated outdoor game at McMahon Stadium this afternoon, and I wonder how much "let's just play and move on" sentiment there is among both teams.  For the Flames, we know how massively important the two points is, so whatever they can do to keep their roll of late going will be huge today (4 pm, CBC and Sportsnet Radio FAN 960).

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Erik Johnson at EV: Conventional Wisdom vs. Performance

Robert Cleave
February 19 2011 10:03PM





There’s been a fair bit of talk about last night’s trade between the Avs and Blues, and the consensus is that however things shake out, the Avs acquired a future first pairing defender, the type of player that’s generally hard to find unless you draft them yourself.

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