Reasonable Expectations: Dennis Wideman

Ryan Pike
August 25 2014 08:30AM

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Heading into the summer following the 2011-12 season, the Calgary Flames were in a tight spot. Their core was aging and the team missed the playoffs by a mere 5 points. Opting not to tear it down, then-Flames GM Jay Feaster went on the offensive. Hoping to bolster the power-play, he made a bold move and traded a fifth round pick and the rights to pending minor-league UFA defenseman Jordan Henry to Washington for the rights to Dennis Wideman.

And then he signed Wideman to a big-money, long-term deal.

Shockingly, it hasn't worked out all that well for the Calgary Flames. Or for the Capitals, who flipped that pick to Winnipeg (who turned it into NAHL player Tucker Poolman). Or for Jordan Henry, who ended up in Europe. I guess Wideman got his $5.25 million per year, so he's probably reasonably pleased.

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On the Devin Setoguchi Addition

Kent Wilson
August 23 2014 04:00PM

It got a bit harder for a rookie to crack the Flames recently with The team adding free agent forward Devin Setoguchi to a one year deal. 

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Flames Sign Devin Setoguchi

Ryan Pike
August 23 2014 01:11PM

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In a bit of an odd-ball late August move - odd in that nobody of note usually gets picked up in August - the Calgary Flames announced that winger Devin Setoguchi has signed with the club.

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Weekend Open Thread: Pre-Season Dread or Optimism?

Ryan Pike
August 23 2014 11:45AM

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We're roughly a month from the beginning of the NHL's pre-season schedule and six weeks or so before the regular season. The off-season is winding down.

This week's Weekend Open Thread poses a simple question: Based on the moves the Calgary Flames have made, are you full of dread or optimism about the upcoming season?

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News and Notes - August 22 2014

Ryan Pike
August 22 2014 04:18PM

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It's basically late August, gang. The Calgary Hitmen began rookie camp this week. The Calgary Flames likely open training camp in three weeks. Summer's just about over, and the business of hockey chugs along towards the beginning of the season.

Here's a bunch of tidbits of information that aren't really big enough to warrant stories on their own.

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