Black Box: Week 9

Robert Vollman
December 05 2011 09:48AM



Three very strong games got the Calgary Flames five points, boosting them to exactly where they were last year at this point.  Weekly followers of the Black Box know that their goaltending and even-strength play has been reasonable, but they'll need much-improved special teams play and more even-strength offense to get the 73 points in the 57 remaining games (.640, like Chicago and 6 other current teams) to clinch their first play-off berth since Mike Keenan was behind the bench and Mike Cammalleri was their leading goal-scorer.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 4th Edition

Jonathan Willis
December 04 2011 10:56PM

Martin Brodeur is killing my team, and the teams of a bunch of different entrants. His zero shutouts and 0.879 SV% give him a pool value of -52.5, by far the worst of any current player. Nobody carrying him on their team is in the top-25 this week.

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Postgame: The Usual Result

Nation World HQ
December 04 2011 10:03PM

On Saturday night, the Flames did what they do: beat the Edmonton Oilers.  The night after, the Canucks did what they do: beat the Calgary Flames.  After opening the scoring in the first period, the Flames allowed five unanswered goals to have their modest four game point streak snapped, falling 5-1 at the hands of the defending Western Conference champions, dropping the team back two games below .500.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 26 vs Vancouver Canucks

Kent Wilson
December 04 2011 09:44PM




Final Score: 5-1L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Game 26 - Flames vs Canucks Live Chat

Kent Wilson
December 04 2011 06:36PM

After bottoming out a couple of weeks ago, the Flames have been on a nice little run recently. The level of competition was set up for Calgary to collect some points, so it's good news that's exactly what they've done. The run of weak sisters ends tonight in Vancouver though.

Calgary looked like an honest-to-god NHL squad in Edmonton on Saturday which has been more exception than rule for the club early this year. I've mentioned a couple of times that the Flames weren't 13th in the west bad and to expect a bit of a turn around at some point. Out-playing the lesser lights is a good step in that direction. I still don't think they can hang with the big boys consistently, but at least they haven't completely fallen offt he wagon just yet.

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