FGD: Sweet Second Chances

Ryan Pike
October 04 2013 12:39PM


Blue Jackets team
- pic via Avneesh Balyan


After a spirited, albeit disappointing, game in the capital of America on Thursday night, the Flames travel to the great state of Ohio for the first of two meetings with the Columbus Blue Jackets. It'll be the second game in as many nights for the Flames – and the first set of 12 back-to-backs this season – while it'll be the first game of this campaign for the Jackets. Calgary will get a second chance to make a first impression, as well as a second chance to spoil a home-opener.

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Post-Game: Moral Victories

Ryan Pike
October 03 2013 08:51PM



The Calgary Flames began the long road back to relevance tonight in Washington, D.C., with a game in the Verizon Center against the Washington Capitals. With a roster featuring the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green, the Capitals were heavy favourites going into their home-opener.
However, in a game they were expected to get trounced in, the Flames provided a preview of how they may tackle things this season.

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FGD: The Beginninging

October 03 2013 03:01PM



The frosty bite of winter beckons.

Like clockwork, a requiem for a dying season, the fall harvest too marks the ceremony of the game of hockey being born anew. And it's a beautiful thing, friends. Hockey is a beautiful thing. Grace, speed, and poise, all in a perfect, simultaneous symmetry, the essence of sport in its fullest display. A virgin sheet of pristine ice serves as a peerless canvas in which teams of artists create art in motion, day after day, until the quest for the game's ultimate prize, itself a timeless piece of art, is earned.

This is more or less what's in store for your Calgary Flames this season.

Or kinda not really.

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Five things: And we're back

Ryan Lambert
October 03 2013 11:05AM

1. Taking a run at Baertschi

Probably no one in Calgary was especially happy to see Sven Baertschi seemingly half-ass his way through the rookie tournament — see Jay Feaster's disease rant — or the preseason, but it was more than a little surprising to see Brian Burke come out and speak so frankly about what a huge disappointment he's been.

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Flames 2013-14 Season preview - Creative Destruction

Kent Wilson
October 03 2013 07:47AM



After four years of teetering on the edge of the precipice, the Flames finally plunged head first into the abyss. The only pertinent question for the club now is how deep the hole goes.

last year, the season preview was titled battling the inevitable. Thanks to a confluence of circumstances - Iginla's pending free agency, the implosion of the goaltending, bad luck, bad roster construction - Calgary finally, inexorably, lost the battle and the organization was forced to finally do what so many fans and pundits had been suggesting for so long - begin the rebuild.

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