Lessons From the Kipper Injury

Kent Wilson
February 20 2013 09:49AM


Since getting into hockey analysis, I have found the issue of goaltending to be one of the most fascinating and most contentious. Advanced stats have made some headway in teasing apart the signal from the noise when it comes to evaluating skaters, but for puck stoppers we're still mostly just groping around in the dark. 

Mostly we've discovered what NOT to do - generally, it's a bad idea to pick goalies in the first round of the draft. Wins and GAA can be worse than useless for evaluating talent. Don't expect unusually good or bad numbers on special teams (particularly the PK) to be sustained over time. Etc.

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Nations Freeroll - Week of February 18th

Kent Wilson
February 19 2013 11:45AM



We've run a few of these recently and there seemed to be some interest, so Draft Street has set up another Nations Freeroll contest for this week.

Here's a run-down of the rules for those who are unfamiliar:

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The Road to Ramo: The KHL Playoffs Begin

Ryan Pike
February 19 2013 09:38AM

eason in the Kontinental Hockey League finished on Sunday and the annual Gagarin Cup playoffs – named for Hero of the Soviet Union (and first human being in space) Yuri Gagarin – begins later this week.


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POST-GAME: Lost in the Desert

Vintage Flame
February 18 2013 11:07PM




The Flames looked to go into the desert, find the magical oasis and leave with two points to finally put them over the .500 mark. Instead they ended up running out of gas, lost, and will be on the plane tending to some really bad dog bites.

Experimenting with yet another goaltender, Calgary seems quite content to try and make hay out of whatever the opposition gives then on any given night.

Tonight, Mike Smith didn't give them a thing, and after clawing their way back against Dallas last night for the win, they simply had nothing left in their canteens once they got to the desert.

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FGD: Parched in the Desert

Kent Wilson
February 18 2013 03:51PM

In some ways, the Phoenix Coyotes are the anti-Flames: they have a terrible ownership position, lackluster fan support, a lousy budget and next to no expectations every year. And yet, despite those obstacles, the club manages to remain competitive under the steady guidance of Don Maloney and Dave Tippett, each year pressing for a playoff position with a motley crew of apparent has-beens and misfit toys.

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