Flames Scoring Chances - Game 49 vs Edmonton Oilers

Kent Wilson
January 21 2012 10:42PM




Final Score: 6-2 W

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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GDB 47.0: Here's how you know it's bad

Ryan Lambert
January 21 2012 04:31PM


(Wanye has instituted a new rule when it comes to BoA's: winner of the last game gets to write the losers game day post. Naturally I readily agreed because it benefited my side of the conflict. So for those Oilers faithful wondering why a scummy Flames fan is penning your GDB, kindly refer all complaints to Mr. Wanye Gretz III, Esq. - KW) 

Things can't be easy for the Edmonton Oilers these days.

Everyone is hurt (or at least faking injuries) and Taylor Hall is paying teammates to step on his face, all so they don't have to play for the Oilers. And really, given how badly things have gone lo these past every-year-since-they-accidentally-made-the-Cup-final, who can blame them?

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FGD: Quick Work

Pat Steinberg
January 21 2012 02:00PM

The title above refers to two things: the amount of efffort I'm putting into this post on a Saturday morning after a rare Friday night off, and what the Flames should make of the Oilers tonight at Rexall Place.  After a solid two game stint in California, Calgary traveled to a much less prime destination yesterday for their fourth meeting with Edmonton tonight (8pm, CBC and Sportsnet 960).

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Glencross out 6-8 Weeks

Kent Wilson
January 21 2012 10:38AM



Bad news everyone.

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The Sky is Closer than the Gutter

Kent Wilson
January 20 2012 01:35PM



Some have questioned the wisdom of the Flames recent commitment to once again fight and claw for a playoff run. Others, myself included, have also cynically noted there may be powerful financial motivations driving the decision makers to charge forward rather than fall back.

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