Flames Must Make a Play For O'Reilly

Kent Wilson
February 13 2013 12:00AM

They probably have for at least a couple weeks now.

There is absolutely no negotiating going on anymore between Ryan O’Reilly and the Avalanche. While the Avs were optimistic right after the lockout ended that they could sign O’Reilly and my sources said he would not be traded, things have changed and it appears a virtual certainty O’Reilly will be traded now.

- Via Adrian Dater

Back when we discussed a potential ROR offer sheet, it was a suggestion made partially in jest since it seemed unlikely the Avalanche would allow this feud with arguably their best (or at least second best) young forward to go too far.

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Flames News and Notes, February 12 2013

Ryan Pike
February 12 2013 12:17PM



Flames general manager Jay Feaster had a pow-wow with local media on Tuesday morning prior to practice. Here's a quick rundown of what was discussed. Most of it related to the ongoing roster-spot shell game.

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The Flames Through 10: Identity and the Rebuild Continuum

Kent Wilson
February 12 2013 10:30AM



The Flames slow start, unfortunate early injuries and subsequent spanking at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks recently has caused the rebuild debate to rear its ugly head in Flamesland again. This is an inevitability until the club does one of two things: takes a firm step forward and becomes a meaningful contender again or bottoms out completely and starts from scratch out of necessity.

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POST GAME: You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig...

Vintage Flame
February 12 2013 12:02AM

You would think with all the new players on both sides of the rosters, that we might be in for a different style of game that we've become so accustomed to when the Flames and the Wild. With guys like Parise and Suter on the Wild, they're bound to be more open and less of the trap right? With the Flames now having a decent power-play, thanks to guys like Wideman and creative playmaking from the likes of Hudler and Cervenka; they'd be able to create more offensive chances for Calgary, right?

yaaaaaawwwwn.. Um No.

Instead it was the same ol' game style that we always see from these two games, which meant it was inevitably going to come down the goaltending. Backstom and Irving. Who would stay awake alert enough to keep their team in it until the end?

Well, it went all the way to the shoot-out where Irving was just out of his element against the Wild's shooters, and that would be the end of that.

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FGD: Rookies and Liabilities All the Way Down

Kent Wilson
February 11 2013 01:14PM



There were Great Expectations in Minnesota after their hot start last year and big free agent additions this summer. The stats-inclined amongst us remained skeptical and indeed with a .500 start through the early going and bottom of the league possession numbers, the Wild remain one of the least intimidating opponents in the league currently.

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