Nation Network Hockey Pool: November 6th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 06 2011 06:09PM

After the jump, this week’s Nation Network Hockey Pool standings.

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Game 13 - Flames vs Avalanche Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 06 2011 05:22PM

It's been the best and blurst of times for the Flames so far on their sojourn away from the Done. They put together a fairly solid effort against Detroit in Detroit only to fall flat on their faces the next night against Buffalo. The Red Wings game featured some opportunistic scoring and an uncharacteristcally strong 3rd period while defending a lead in a building that's typically tough to win in. The defeat to the Sabres, in contrast, saw the return of now familiar Flames bugaboos: rotten special teams and excpetionally medicore ES play from the big guns. Only Karlsson's heroics and the Sabres penchant for firing 10-bell chances wide prevented a massacre.

Tonight the Flames face a club they may well be battling for a playoff spot in April. The Avalanche are still a club with a number of glaring weaknesses, but the emergence of Landeskog, Winnik and O'Reilly as a legitmiate ES option behind the likes of Hejduk, Stastny, Duchene and Jones means the Avs aren't nearly the push-overs they were last season. Landeskog may be one of those rare teenagers who can legitimately play in the league already and his addition to the already potent 5on5 duo of Winnik and O'Reilly means Colorado has a unit remisiscent of the Conroy, Moss and Glencross line who beat up other 2nd and 3rd lines for the Flames a couple of years ago.  

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FGD: Shift Work

Pat Steinberg
November 06 2011 12:55PM

After a disappointing outing Friday night in Buffalo, the Calgary Flames finish off a three game road trip tonight in Colorado for their second meeting with the Avalanche (6 pm, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960).  Thanks in part to an injury and some disappointing play, David Moss, Brendan Morrison and Cory Sarich will all sit this one out, giving us new looks up and down the lineup.

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November 06 2011 11:57AM

Its a real Canadian edition of NationRadio this week with Prime Minister John A. Lowetide. The slow starting Vancouver Canucks, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets all get their moment addressing the assembly this week.

Its NationRadio.

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Three goalie controversies worth following

Cam Charron
November 06 2011 10:05AM


There has been a lot of talk in Vancouver recently about goaltenders and whether Roberto Luongo is the right guy to carry this team. But early in the season, this is a narrative that carries across many hockey markets, and, valid or not, the play of a goaltender is one that dominates headlines as the goalie is the most important player on the team. Here are three goalie controversies that bear slightly more weight than the Luongo/Cory Schneider discussions, and may have stronger repurcussions repercussions as well.

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