Five things: Who's gonna make it, part 4

Ryan Lambert
August 21 2014 11:30AM

1. That's it for forwards

Over the last three weeks I've looked at 12 forwards who I thought had a borderline chance to spend a decent amount of time with Calgary this season and found that there was actually a pretty healthy mix of guys I thought had a chance to stick around longer than that. It's something I wasn't really expecting when I embarked on this project, though perhaps that means I'm higher on the prospects this team has than its veterans, and I'm not sure I can be faulted for that.

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Reasonable Expectations: T.J. Brodie

Ryan Pike
August 21 2014 08:30AM

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Three years ago, T.J. Brodie was a curious tale.

Calgary's fourth round selection in 2008 - taken after the club had already selected Greg Nemisz, Mitch Wahl, Lance Bouma and Nick Larson - Brodie turned pro in 2010-11 and quietly (and rapidly) crept up the team's internal rankings. Now he's just 24 years old and already the team's best non-Giordano defenseman. And Giordano's nearly 31 years old and near his career peak, while Brodie still has plenty of room to grow.

But how much growth should we expect from #7 in 2014-15?

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Hockey Wars: The Blogosphere vs. Mainstream Media

Steve Dangle
August 20 2014 06:52PM

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 6.11.08 PM

Guy with bad haircut tries to break down the seemingly never-ending war between the hockey blogosphere and the mainstream media.

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Reasonable Expectations: David Jones

Taylor McKee
August 20 2014 08:30AM

First off, remember when that goal happened? Yeah, I was seduced into thinking the Flames got ol' 20 goals McJones in the great crap-swap of '13 but alas, it was not to be in 2013-14...

The Flames acquired David Jones in June of 2013 as a part of a trade that saw Alex Tanguay and Cory Sarich sent to a team with a coach that treats their players like sheepdogs. Somehow, the Flames managed to acquire Shane O’Brien in that deal in what has become one of the least productive trades in NHL history.

David Jones is certainly a mysterious player for the Flames, displaying tantalizing hands at times and other looking as though he shouldn't be trusted with scissors. Let's get into what we can expect from Jones this coming season!

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Flames Name Jordan Sigalet Goalie Coach

Ryan Pike
August 19 2014 03:38PM

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After a bit of a search, the Calgary Flames got their man. And, as luck would have it, they didn't have to look all that far to find him. The club has officially named Jordan Sigalet to the position of goalie coach for their NHL team.

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