News and Notes - April 8 2014

Ryan Pike
April 08 2014 03:27PM

Gang, I'm back in the saddle after being in New Orleans all weekend for WrestleMania festivities. If you ever get the chance to visit the city, do so.

Anyhow, here's a quick rundown of what's happening right now, as the Flames prepare for the first of their final three games of the 2013-14 NHL season tomorrow against the Los Angeles Kings.

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Spend Money, Win Stuff

Justin Azevedo
April 08 2014 10:41AM


So, I got an email from Kent the other day asking if I wanted to take part in a promotion for the Nations. The idea and execution were simple: I would go to a Scotiabank, and they would give me a piece of plastic about three inches by two inches.

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Random Thoughts - Probably Should have Signed Brodie Long Term

Kent Wilson
April 08 2014 10:07AM


Most of you probably missed it, but the Carolina Hurricanes re-signed young defender Justin Faulk to a 6-year, $4.83 million deal at the end of March. That's significant because Faulk is a strong comparable to the Flames own T.J. Brodie.

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Post Game: The Devil Went Down To Newark

April 07 2014 07:41PM


(The Devil then left because Newark is literally worse than Hell)


(Azevedo's a bit of a rube and protects his twitter account so I had to take a picture instead of embedding it proper)

I had to admit Justin had me there, and even though Young Guns era games vs. Lemaire's Wild games had been blocked out of my memory, I can concede that those games were most assuredly worse.

Still, this one was drudgingly, Ben Hanowskingly slow and plodding, and it was soooo hard to watch, to the point where I decided I was going to kind of phone this one and only dedicate the amount of time and due analysis you expect from a pro like me that this game deserved.

So with that in mind, read about this game after the jump!

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Byron Bader
April 07 2014 11:55AM



Tonight, in game #79 for both squads, the Calgary Flames (33-38-7) will wrap up their current 5-game road-trip against the New Jersey Devils (34-28-16) in Newark, New Jersey. The game is the 2nd and final time the teams will face each other in the 2013-14 season.  It’s an early one.  Puck drops at 5 pm MT on Sportsnet West.

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