Post-Game: Honky Tonk Victory

Ryan Pike
October 15 2014 02:32AM

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The Calgary Flames continued their epic six-game road trip tonight in the Music City, with a match-up at Bridgestone Arena against the Nashville Predators. After a hard-fought, fairly-even 60 minutes of hockey it all came down to the shootout, and the Flames left Tennessee with a 3-2 victory. Their record for the season has been evened-out at 2-2-0.

Here's how things went down tonight in Nashville.

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FGD #4: A Trip to Music City (6pm; SN360)

Ryan Pike
October 14 2014 11:30AM

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After two days off to give thanks for the points they have already received - two, via the Oilers - the Flames are in the Music City of Nashville, Tennessee tonight to visit the Predators.

The Flames have had three games worth of good third periods, but haven't really played a full 60 minutes yet this year. That's bad, as playing a good 20 minutes will only apparently beat Edmonton - and that took Edmonton rolling over in the third. Granted, it's early, but the Flames really need a full 60, especially if they're going to bail out their goalies; Hiller and Ramo have been good-to-excellent thus far, but the club has just a single win to show for it. In the midst of a six-game road trip, the team will need a more complete effort to survive.

The puck drops at 6pm, and you can catch the action on Sportsnet 960 The Fan or on Sportsnet 360.

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October 14 2014 09:06AM

During this past week we took a trip down to LA to watch the Kings open up their 2014-15 season by raising the Stanley Cup, have a chat with our new cousins at The Royal Half and have a chat with Violent Gentlemen. This article is about their cool company and how they have helped me greatly with the Nation Network. 

You have been forewarned in advance. Anyone looking for Corsi/Fenwick6 calculations should skip this piece.

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Trevor Gillies Suspended for 12 (More) AHL Games

Ryan Pike
October 13 2014 04:28PM

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Despite all the festiveness around the hockey world - jointly celebrating Thanksgiving Monday and Columbus Day - the American Hockey League has dropped the proverbial hammer on Adirondack Flames forward Trevor Gillies for his antics on October 10.

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The Home and Road Effect

Ryan Pike
October 13 2014 08:30AM

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Coaching in the National Hockey League is basically two sets of skills. At home, you need to effectively identify the other team's weakest players and put your best players out against them in order to maximize your home ice advantage and last change. On the road, you need to cope with what happens when the other coach does that to you, and do your best to implement a game-plan to counter the disadvantage you face while on the road.

Over the course of the pre-season, in discussions with other media members, I noted that coaching against the Calgary Flames probably has a simple strategy: isolate their best possession players (Giordano, Brodie and Backlund) as much as you can and do what you can to run up the score when they're not on the ice.

While no perfect measure exists quite yet to see if that is precisely the case, last year's data from Hockey Analysis (and War on Ice) allows us to compare possession stats at home and on the road to see how differently each player is used and how their Corsi production changes as a result.

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