News and Notes - February 13 2014

Ryan Pike
February 13 2014 01:40PM

We're headed towards the weekend, which means there's a fair amount of hockey to be discussed. Here's what you need to know for the next few days of action!

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Five things: Last one

Ryan Lambert
February 13 2014 08:40AM


1. Before the break

A few bits of housekeeping here in the final Flames-related Five Thoughts for a few weeks: After this we're on to the Olympics; there are two games on as I type this but Sweden's already pummeling the Czechs and I couldn't care about the Latvian team's fortunes if I had made the roster. And I was one of the last cuts.

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FGD: AHL All-Star Game

Ryan Pike
February 12 2014 04:55PM


The Olympics men's hockey tournament kicked off earlier today, but the American Hockey League presents a different kind of international showcase tonight in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador in the form of the annual AHL All-Star Game. Rather than present a traditional "all-star game" with two conference teams, the AHL instead is challenging a club team from the idle SHL, Farjestads BK.

Fun fact, Farjestads is (a) Danny Taylor's new team (but he's injured and won't play) and (b) Hakan Loob's team. The game kicked off at 4:30pm MT on Sportsnet.

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Gaudreau Watch: A Good Sign?

Ryan Pike
February 12 2014 10:15AM

(image courtesy our pals at BC Interruption)

Philadelphia-based journalist Al Morganti made an appearance on Sportsnet 960 The Fan this morning and dropped some information on Calgary Flames wunderkind Johnny Gaudreau.

EDIT: Sportsnet960's Twitter quoted Morganti as saying "I'm told that he feels he can't do anything more in college. He'll turn pro with Calgary."

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February 11 2014 07:22PM


Can it really be 4 years since the Olympics in Vancouver already? Simple math would suggest that is the case but we have a sneaking suspicion we may have fallen through some sort of worm hole or rip in the space time continuum. It seriously can't be 4 years can it? Hmm.

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