Proper Utilization

Pat Steinberg
May 09 2011 01:58AM

Robert's article yesterday revolved around one of the remaining pieces from last year's Dion Phaneuf trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs in Matt Stajan.  Along with Niklas Hagman, Stajan is one of the two remaining players acquired, with Tom Kostopoulos and Anton Babchuk loosely affiliated as well.  The other two players are heading into game six of a second round series with the Red Wings on Tuesday night, in Ian White and Jamal Mayers.  One of those two guys is having some rather nice postseason success.

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Matt Stajan - A Closer Look

Robert Cleave
May 08 2011 11:21AM




I'm not sure there was a Flames' player whose efforts attracted more negative attention in relative terms this past season than Matt Stajan. The ex-Leaf signed a 4 year, $14M extension shortly after he arrived via the Phaneuf trade, much to virtually everyone's chagrin, and followed that up with the worst season of his career by far. His 10/11 concluded with him pulling 4th line duty after Daymond Langkow returned, so all in all, it was an utter bust of a year. Brent Sutter's post-season comments suggested the club was unhappy with his fitness, with the clear implication that Stajan played soft due to his poor conditioning.


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Random Thoughts - May 5th

Kent Wilson
May 05 2011 11:55AM



Time to take a break from the scoring chance posts for now I think. Some people love graphs and charts and pocket protectors and such, but even their eyes will start to glaze over if I do nothing but talk about advanced stats every day (and I would). So here's another round of random thoughts 'bout the Flames and other stuff.

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Flames Scoring Chances and Goals ratios

Kent Wilson
May 04 2011 01:52PM



In a comment in the post below, Tach asked if I could share the raw scoring chance totals so they could be related to actual goals scored. I've added that info to this article, after which we can go through and investigate some of the implications.

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Flames 2010-2011 Scoring Chance Results

Kent Wilson
May 03 2011 10:26AM



- image via the the russian machine never breaks .

As most are no doubt aware, I spent the season assiduously counting scoring chances for the each and every Flames game. I popped up on the FAN960 to discuss individual results now and then, but the real interest in the scoring chance project comes in the off-season when we can collate all the information and really get a feel for who did what.

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