Vintage Flame
April 09 2013 03:37PM



I have not always been the voice of logic and reason here in FlamesNation, but have tried to remain the voice of optimism. That’s becoming pretty hard to do given the recent history of this club, even for me. The idea when we started ‘Voice of the Nation’ was to bring a forum that reflected the views and the sentiment of the fanbase. While Kent and others have been able to present scientific explanations as to why we have or have not seen what your Calgary Flames are or are not capable of, sometimes logic is clouded by just what we see on the ice. It’s the heart deceiving the eye and ignoring the mind. It’s illogical but at the same time, compelling; and sometimes it’s the dominating factor that forms our opinions.

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Random Thoughts - Flames Aren't Dead Yet

Kent Wilson
April 09 2013 11:26AM



Prior to the 8-2 Shellacking at the hands of the Oil, I'd thought the Flames had reached the nadir of their season at least one or two times already. I was wrong. Gutted and disillusioned, the Flames shuffled into the Dome that night and had their lunches fed to them by the upstarts from up the road. It's was grotesque and humiliating, but somehow an appropriate punctuation to the events that had proceeded it.

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POST-GAME: One For the Road?

Vintage Flame
April 08 2013 11:22PM


When the Avs announced last minute that JS Giguere was getting the start over Sergei Varlomov, it was quite apparent that they had every intention of giving your Calgary Flames a good run for thir money at just who deserved to sit at the bottom of the barrel.

Calgary had already made their statement by starting not one, not two, not three, but four of their potentials, recently called up from Abbotsford.

Although many of the boys are still playing for jobs next season, the Flames seem adament about seeing what thy have going forward before the mighty off-season shows might big changes for the organization. It's nothing short of refreshing to see the "kids" called up and given significant playing time, no matter what heh result of this game is.

A game that was touted, "The Battle for the Basement"

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FGD: Free to Do Anything

Kent Wilson
April 08 2013 05:00PM



It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

- Fight Club

There's a strange sort of freedom to being a Flames fan right now. A kind of pleasant weightlessness with the season lost and the rebuild underway. It's a wholly foreign feeling for the faithful after years and years of grasping and clawing for wins until the last few games of the season.

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Flames 2013 - Noting the Positives

Kent Wilson
April 08 2013 10:50AM



We discussed some of the silver linings of the Flames collapse this season on Saturday, but today I wanted highlight and clarify some of the more noteworthy positives for the team moving forward. Let's start with the fact that the Flames probably aren't as bad as they seem...

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