Thoughts: Draft and Free Agency

Christian Roatis
July 04 2014 08:08AM

As many of you may know, while the Calgary Flames have been furthering their rebuild through various moves like drafting a 20 year old and signing Derek Engellend, I've been wandering through Europe.

As a result, it's been tough to write and get things out due to the lack of internet. I have however, managed, one way or another, to keep up with all the important maneuvers made by the team. I did watch the Draft live (on Satellite Internet which is just as slow and expensive as it sounds) and most of Free Agent Frenzy on cafe and hotel internet hotspots and I've bunch of opinions on it all I'd like to share after the jump.

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The Dev Camp Misfits

Taylor McKee
July 03 2014 01:16PM

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It's time to unwrap the new toys from last week's draft. The Flames announced their development camp roster and schedule today and this year's crop is bound to garner as much attention as last years (and last year was shockingly busy for a summer prospect camp at Winsport). Development camp is a fun time because it is a chance to see the highly touted prospects in the Flames system along with an interesting supporting cast of NCAA players, CHL players, and sometimes overseas draft picks.

The focus of this post isn't the Flames picks, whom have had oceans of interweb ink spilled on them, but some of those attending on a tryout basis. 

Over the past few seasons, the Flames have signed quite a few players who attended dev camp on a tryout, the most famous obviously being Giordano many moons ago. Last season, the Flames invited Josh Jooris, Bryce Van Brabant, and Austin Carroll among others to development camp, all of whom are now with the organization in some capacity. So here's a look at some of the 18 names that may find their way into the organization some day.

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Five things: The more things change

Ryan Lambert
July 03 2014 09:36AM


(author's note: if you regularly complain about how negative i can be, don't read this post)

1. Getting Bennett

Given all the different rankings of the top four prospects in the league, it really wouldn't have been too shocking to anyone if any of those guys went in any particular spot. That Sam Bennett fell to Calgary, though, is perhaps the least surprising because he couldn't do a pull-up and he's not a big center like Leon Draisaitl and he's not a bigger defenseman like Aaron Ekblad.

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LFR: Have a bag of money

Steve Dangle
July 02 2014 11:28AM

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 10.58.02 AM

NHL free agency is where GM's go crazy and players get to swim in money like Scrooge McDuck.

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Will You Play Hockey For Food?

Jeff Veillette
July 02 2014 02:00AM


There are three staples in the average Canadian person's life: hockey, being nice, and being nice as a means to play more hockey. If you can find a way to combine the three, then you've created the best thing ever. Five Hole For Food does just that, and begins their 2014 cross-Canada tour today.

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