An Evening With Jacques Demers

JP Nikota
November 12 2011 03:52PM

Because I teach literacy and basic skills with the Thames Valley District School Board, I was asked to attend Facing Off With Literacy, an evening headlined by guest speaker (and former Cup winner) Jacques Demers. Many of you probably remember that in 2005, Demers revealed to the world that he was functionally illiterate, that he was set to begin rectifying that situation, and also that he wanted to address literacy in a more public way. On Thursday night, he opened up to a room of nearly 450 people at the London Convention Center, and spoke passionately to raise support and finances for literacy programs. Leafs-Habs rivalry notwithstading, I have to say that it's a noble thing he's chosen to do.

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FGD: Here We Go Again...

Pat Steinberg
November 12 2011 02:31PM

There used to be a time when games against the Colorado Avalanche were exciting.  They boasted names like Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, and Blake.  They were high flying, high scoring, and high octane.  However, they always beat the Calgary Flames.  Well, this current incarnation of the Avalanche is nowhere near as good, and as of late, they sure as heck don't beat the Flames.  Tonight in Denver, they meet for the third time this season (8 pm, CBC and Sportsnet 960).

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Flames Comparables: Reserve Forwards

Robert Vollman
November 12 2011 07:19AM



This year we're using the Snepsts system to project how many points each of the Flames may score this year. The Snepsts system, explained over at Hockey Prospectus, searches history for players with similar statistics (adjusted for era scoring levels) and uses their future performance as yardsticks for today's.

We've already looked at most of the Flames key forwards and defensemen, and this week we'll look at some of their reserve forwards: Lance Bouma, Stefan Meyer, Paul Byron and Greg Nemisz.

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Postgame: Chicago Wins

Nation World HQ
November 11 2011 09:27PM

The title of our postgame article tonight is pretty apt, as there wasn't a ton to dislike from the Calgary Flames on Friday against the Chicago Blackhawks, but it was the home team doing their thing en route to a 4-1 victory, their seventh straight over Calgary at the United Center.  I liked most of the effort for the Flames, but when you let Chicago's best players do what they do best, their likely going to win.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 15 vs Chicago Blackhawks

Kent Wilson
November 11 2011 09:08PM



Final score: 4-1L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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