Rant O' The Week: Kings Contracts

May 18 2011 11:28PM



Everyone's favorite malcontents Domebeers agreed to stop by and share a rant or five with the Nation. Enjoy!

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Contrarian Corner: I've got a bad feeling about this

Ryan Lambert
May 18 2011 07:10PM



Jay Feaster has never proven himself to be a good general manager. So why on earth would he start now?

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Feaster's Chance

Pat Steinberg
May 18 2011 02:52AM

Whether you like it or not, Jay Feaster is now the General Manager of the Calgary Flames, and he is tasked with turning a non-playoff team back into a contender in the next four years (the term of his contract).  There are reasons why many Flames fans are skeptical of Calgary's choice to drive the bus, but I'm willing to give Jay a chance at the helm.  And hey, seeing as how none of us have control, it's probably the best way to avoid severe headaches.

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Flames Cap Crunch

Kent Wilson
May 17 2011 10:17AM



With Feaster now cemented in the GM chair and Glencross signed, we can turn our attention to Calgary's predicament heading into next season. With a few more dollars on the books (and yet another NMC), the Flames have a few players left to sign and a vanishingly small amount of cap space to do it with.

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Raised Expectations

Pat Steinberg
May 16 2011 01:17PM

The contract signed by Calgary's Curtis Glencross Monday turns out to be a decent cap hit over a four year term, working out to $2.55 million per season.  In his three seasons with the Flames, Curtis has been a valuable depth forward for the team, doing his job well in a "setup role", if you will.  His contributions were great on his last contract, but long term stability and a $1.3 million raise will hold Glencross to a different standard.

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