Post Game: DAMN!

January 24 2014 11:07PM



List of things you want in a hockey game:

  1. Intrigue
  2. Drama
  3. Offense
  4. Back and Forth Action 
  5. Defense
  6. 4 goals from Eric Nystrom (2007 fans only)
  7. Flames Win
  8. #TheScorpion

We got it all and more tonight, Citizens. I don't even know how to begin talking about this one, it was just a crazy night.

But I'm going to try anyway. I'm going to try and breakdown a game where the Flames won 5-4 in a shootout on a night where ERIC NYSTROM scored 4 goals.

Good luck to me.

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FGD: To Catch a Predators

Taylor McKee
January 24 2014 01:38PM

Ahh yes, those were the days huh? Such grit, and not a whole lot else.

The Flames and Preds used to be a sneaky good rivalry, mostly because I can remember the Preds simply owning the Flames the vast majority of the time. I am sure we all remember the Vokoun/Kipper fight which was crazyness and the McLennan/Vokoun/Iginla dust up was wild too. Nowadays, I wouldn't exactly consider a Preds/Flames game must see TV but the Flames are on a home winning streak dangnabbit, and they are looking to make it a two game winning streak. 

The Flames (17-27-7) welcome the Nashville Predators (23-22-7) tonight in the second game of a five-game homestand. The Flames are on that aforementioned one-game home winning streak after they held on to beat the Coyotes 3-2 on Wednesday. The Flames will also likely be welcoming escapee Devan Dubnyk back to the Saddledome, a place where he shut out the Flames 2-0 in his last start against them on December 27.

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Five things: Fallout

Ryan Lambert
January 23 2014 03:12PM

1. The Vancouver ugliness

So the big issue involving the Flames this week is obviously the whole Vancouver dust-up, which of course made John Tortorella look like a lunatic, but also brought a lot of shame on the Flames organization, which itself has had no shortage of such in the past several months (or more, if you like).

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Random Thoughts - In Favour of the Stajan Re-up

Kent Wilson
January 23 2014 07:41AM



Before I get to the Matt Stajan stuff, let's get the Canucks/Flames brawl out of the way...

I don't have any strong feelings on the subject. I think Hartley definitely iced the goon squad with a view to starting something and I definitely think Tortorella could have countered with a scoring line to defuse the whole thing. Of course, one of the unwritten rules of the North American game is obvious aggression MUST be met with aggression, so Tortorella "couldn't" do anything but fight fire with fire according to the still persistent machismo mores of the NHL. Ironically, had a Sedin vs McGrattan match-up happened organically during the game, Tortorella would have taken it eagerly.

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Post Game: Flames Win! (No Really)

January 23 2014 12:02AM



Your Calgary Flames had been mired in a bit of a record breaking slump as late, having not won a match in regulation inside the "friendly confines" of the Scotiabank Saddledome since the Mesozic Era.

It's been a long stretch of pretty dismal hockey here in Cowtown, and it's been 7 games since the faithful has seen the team skate off the ice with 2 points on the board, truly a franchise record we're all super proud of having been able to witness.

Tonight looked like it may have been another tough task, another storm to weather as the Phoenix Coyotes, THE Phoenix Coyotes who embarrassed the Flames 6-0 in front of nobody in Arizona a couple weeks back, ambled into town looking to push the Flames around. 


Read on past the jump to find out!

(Spoiler alert: no. The Flames won 3-2)

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