November 13 2011 01:08PM

The many Nations in the Commonwealth are represented this week on NationRadio with a litlle something for everyone. Oklahoma City provides an Oilers related AHL update. Calgary and Toronto receive sound analysis. And some new people you know from around the interwebz also make an appearance on the Big Show with Fleet Commander Lowetide. Finally we replay an interview with Red Wings GM Ken Holland from earlier in the week.

This is NationRadio.

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Know Your Fighters

Robert Vollman
November 13 2011 11:17AM


If you're going to have someone whose only purpose is fighting, they might as well be good at it.  The Flames have had goons like Andre Roy, Brian McGrattan, Krzystof Oliwa and Raitis Ivanans – some seriously bad dudes (and I don't just mean their hockey skills).

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Postgame: Comfort Shmomfort

Pat Steinberg
November 12 2011 11:09PM

Seeing the Calgary Flames open up a 4-0 lead on the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night likely made some frustrated Flames fans breathe a little easier after their 4-1 loss in Chicago the night before.  Seeing the Avalanche battle back to within a goal and almost tie the game on numerous occasions might have made that breath a little shorter.  While it was a little too close for comfort, the main thing is simple: two points and back within striking distance of .500.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 16 versus Colorado Avalanche

Kent Wilson
November 12 2011 10:43PM



Final Score:

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Gmaes 16 - Flames vs. Avalanche Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 12 2011 07:25PM

Not much left to say in this space since we've seen the Avalanche so recently. I'd like to note that the Avs have made a few strides since they lucked out in 09-10 while the Flames have probably fallen back a bit in the same time span. Meaning - if Colorado beats Calgary out for the post-season this year, it's much more likely to be earned rather on the back of lucky bounces.

That said, the Flames can make that outcome a little less probable tonight by winning.

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