The 5 Teams Who Might Be Worse Than The Flames in 2013-14

Kent Wilson
August 13 2013 02:36PM



On paper, the Calgary Flames are one of the worst teams in the NHL heading into 2013-14. They have veterans who want to be traded as soon as possible, question marks in key areas (*cough* goaltending *cough*) and not a single elite player at any position. The roster certainly isn't "Edmonton over the last 5 years" bad, but Calgary is certainly one of the favorites to draft inside the top five next June.

However, the Flames aren't alone at the bottom of the barrel. Here are some teams whose fans could also spend the last three months of the regular season looking forward to the entry draft.

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Comparing the Flames' Development Structure

August 13 2013 09:47AM



The Rebuild has begun. So what do the Flames have by way of internal structure to help facilitate this venture?

During the course of a rebuild the emphasis is usually put on drafting and development. This is the most cost-effective method of acquiring talent and is the one constant in any rebuilding blueprint. Most teams have now realized that identifying and acquiring talent through the draft is important, but that turning a later-round pick into an actual NHL player pays dividends for the franchise in the long run. In an effort to make draft picks more efficient most teams have added heavily to their player development departments, something that was all but non-existent a decade or more ago.

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Evaluating Player Evaluation: Scouting

Ryan Pike
August 12 2013 03:18PM


hockey scouts
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The most prominent method in evaluating players – both established and emerging – is by scouting them in-person. The method has its particular strengths and weaknesses, as you would expect. Over the past two seasons I've been contributing to the NHL Draft coverage over at The Hockey Writers and I've developed some observations based on my limited scouting experiences.

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What if...The Flames had tried to "stay competitive" this summer?

Kent Wilson
August 12 2013 09:45AM



When Jay Feaster said his marching orders were "to make the playoffs next year" in a season ending press conference, there were fears the club would go out and splash the cash in an ill-fated attempt to climb back up the Western Conference ladder. Of course, for all we know they tried that are we rebuked by everyone they talked to.

Still, it's worth wondering what a different, "competitive" Flames roster would look like in an alternate universe. Here's what I would have done in Feaster's shoes and Murray Edwards breathing down my neck.

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Story Time

Jason Strudwick
August 11 2013 12:51PM

All this Gretzky trade talk the last week stirred up the old story machine in my head. Looking at some of the other players involved in the trade I ran across Marty McSorley's name.

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