Flames in review: EV tied performance

Robert Cleave
April 20 2011 02:52PM



With another year complete, Flames Nation is in the midst of the post-mortems. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll look at some interesting EV data from timeonice that might shed a bit of light on why the season ended the way it did. First up, overall team performance and a look at Calgary's number one goalie.


I had a sense for most of the year that the Flames were a decent team, and likely a playoff team on balance, even if they were clearly outside the elite of the Western Conference. They ended the season in a slightly worse spot than that, so it seems reasonable to investigate potential reasons for things going sour.


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Flames Defense - Quantitative Analysis

Kent Wilson
April 19 2011 01:37PM



Now that our own Mr. Lambert has shared his defensive player grades, it's time to go through the back-end and take a closer look at their results this year to better see how they performed and what it might be mean for the club going forward.

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Prospect Round-up

Kent Wilson
April 18 2011 09:29AM



Post-mortems and deep analysis will continue this week at Flames Nation, but for now a quick update on some of Calgary's more notable prospects.

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Report Card Day: Defense and goalies

Ryan Lambert
April 16 2011 09:58AM


Now obviously it would be at least semi-reasonable to throw a blanket over everything with something like a D+ grade for everyone, and I'd probably get very little in the way of argument from anyone who watched this team for 82 games. It wasn't, to put it lightly, a pretty season.

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Flames GM and Random Thoughts - April 15

Kent Wilson
April 15 2011 08:59AM



The Flames season is over in early April for the second year in a row. Lots of questions heading into the summer, including most importantly who is going to run this thing now that Darryl is out the door.

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