Flames Rumors And False Scouts

Kent Wilson
June 17 2013 11:08AM


We're less than 2 weeks away from one of the most pivotal drafts in the history of the Flames franchise so, naturally, there's plenty to talk about. Elliotte Friedman reported during the last game of the Stanley Cup finals that the Flames are already aggressively pursuing a "move up" strategy, offering all of their first round picks for Colorado's first overall (which has been summarily rejected, of course).

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Rumor: Flames Hiring New President of Hockey Operations

Kent Wilson
June 15 2013 10:46AM



Bruce Dowbiggen isn't very popular in many Flames fan circles, but he's not a guy who makes a habit of trading unfounded rumors, so there could be something to this.

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Nation Network Mock Draft: Final Rankings

Jonathan Willis
June 15 2013 07:04AM

Over the past few days, the readers of the various sites in the Nation Network have been voting on their rankings of prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Today, we reveal the results.

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Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Day 3

Jonathan Willis
June 14 2013 10:10AM

The Nation Network’s 2013 Mock Draft continues, with the close of the first round.

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Potential Draft Trade Target - The Florida Panthers

Kent Wilson
June 14 2013 09:31AM

Florida Panthers Mascot Stanley C. Panther

- pic via Reto Kurmann

Jay Feaster and Craig Conroy have been vocal in the media about the Flames wishes of moving up from the 6th spot in this years draft. Of course, almost every team not in the top-5 currently is likely saying the same thing given the density and quality of the talent that resides at the top end.

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