The 2014 Flames Fifteen: #6 Jon Gillies

Kent Wilson
June 17 2014 09:20AM

Jon Gillies makes his second appearance in the Flames top-10 prospects list (9th last year), a rarity for goalies since they are extremely difficult to predict. Projecting puckstoppers is mostly voodoo, even for the pros, to the degree that NHL starters are usually randomly scattered through the draft (or signed as free agents from other leagues). That is why I am staunchly opposed to using a top-60 pick on a goalie in any given draft, or paying anyone outside of, say, Henrik Lundqvist (drafted in the 7th round) big, long-term dollars. It's also why I typically discount most goaltending prospects until they've managed to do something noteworthy as a pro.

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 6

Josh W
June 16 2014 01:58PM


The Rangers deploying advanced systems tactics

Welcome to this week's version of the Journal of Hockey Analytics. The final game of hockey for the 2013-14 season has been played, which means that all of your favourite bloggers and writers will now be turning their attention towards the future; the draft, free agency, and trades.

So for your slow Monday at work, continue past the jump for analysis of draft picks, and lots of cool little nuggets regarding neutral zone data and luck!

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News and Notes - June 16 2014

Ryan Pike
June 16 2014 10:00AM

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The 2013-14 season is now over entirely, folks. The hockey calendar officially flips over to the 2014-15 schedule on July 1, but obviously there are a lot of things to touch upon between now and then. Those things include trades, free agency, the draft and buyouts, compliance and otherwise.

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Weekend Open Thread: Regehr Gets His Cup!

Ryan Pike
June 14 2014 08:00AM

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Robyn Regehr was one of the best Calgary Flames in history.

He was acquired for Theoren Fleury. He played 826 games for the Flames between 1999 and his 2011 departure to Buffalo. He won his first Stanley Cup this weekend, as the Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in a thrilling double-OT Game 5.

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Reviewing Flames Zone Starts

Ryan Pike
June 13 2014 08:30AM

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One of my off-season projects this summer was to try to gauge the progress of some of Calgary's younger or emerging players. One of the metrics you can use to try to approximate a coach's confidence in a player is zone starts.

Zone starts measure what percentage of a player's shifts begin in the offensive zone at even-strength, ignoring neutral-zone face-offs for simplicity. (e.g., O-Zone Start % is Offensive Starts divided by Offensive + Defensive Starts). A player that starts a lot in the offensive zone needs high ground to succeed, a player that starts mostly in the defensive zone can get high ground on their own. At least, that's the theory.

Here's a look at the rolling 10-game zone-start trends for a few different combinations of Flames for the entire season.

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