Jason Strudwick
December 23 2011 04:47PM

Last week as I was hanging up my shoulder pads my partner, Kurt Davis, asked me how long I had been wearing them and why I even bothered. He commented on there hardly being any protection on the chest or back and how the shoulder caps are very small.

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FGD: Christmas Wishing

Nation World HQ
December 23 2011 01:04PM

Following a very solid outing to finish their 2011 home schedule on Thursday night, the Calgary Flames complete their pre-Christmas schedule tonight against the Vancouver Canucks (8 pm, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960).  Calgary's 3-2 win over Detroit at the Saddledome was a nice way to finish off their home schedule for this year, so how about we see them give us a nice Christmas gift with a win over those twits on the coast.

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Flames Close Game Corsi

Robert Vollman
December 23 2011 11:38AM



Every week in the Black Box statistical summaries we rank the Flames by Corsi event percentage, which is just a fancy way of describing the percentage of all attempted shots (saves, goals, goal posts, missed nets, blocked shots, whatever) taken by the Flames rather than their opponents when the given player is on the ice.  We love it because it's also the best proxy we have for things like possession and territorial advantage, at least until someone gets out stopwatches every game.

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Vintage Flame
December 23 2011 09:15AM


As we find ourselves only two days away from Christmas, we at Flames Nation decided to make a few last minute requests to jolly St. Nick to see if there is a chance at some last minute gift ideas that he might be able to sneak under the Calgary Flames Christmas tree.

Feel free to throw in your own Christmas wishes for the Flames in the comments section; after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

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Vintage Flame
December 22 2011 11:24PM


On a night where most Flames fans were going to be happy just to see Iginla get one or two goals closer to 500, something else happened. Call it part two of a three part Christmas wish for Calgary, but whatever it was, someone was listening. It wasn't as a dominant night for the top line as the Wild game, but Curtis Glencross led the way with two tonight.

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