Flames Sign Emile Poirier - A Glance Ahead

Ryan Pike
January 01 2014 12:23PM

Calgary Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke is an impatient man, and he continued his streak of "doing things" on New Year's Eve as signed 2013 first round selection Emile Poirier to an entry-level contract. This makes three draft pick signings (Klimchuk, Kanzig and Poirier) and a trade since Burke turfed Jay Feaster and John Weisbrod a few weeks back.

This also means that the club has signed its first four selections in the 2013 draft (all three first rounders, plus Kanzig), leaving just Rushan Rafikov, Eric Roy, John Gilmour and Tim "Who?" Harrison left to sign before the whole 2013 Bunch is under contract.

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Post Game: Flames Drop Ball on NYE

Taylor McKee
January 01 2014 04:06AM

pic via Simonpix

Hopefully by now everyone has shaken off the effects of their festivities last night and awoke this morning ready to face 2014 with all the grit, pugnacity, and of course truculence, that one would expect of a Flames fan. 

If you didn't watch the game or drank yourself into a state of forgetting, the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Flames 4-1 last night on the strength of three points from Brayden Schenn and a solid goaltending performance from Ray Emery. Also, I think that we can now definitively say that these third jerseys are cursed. Like, saying Macbeth while using a black cat to smash a mirror under a ladder cursed. So let's never use them again and pull the satanic horsehead ones out of storage.

The Flames had been insanely good in New Year's Eve games coming into last night, having won six straight times on NYE. However, the magic wore off and the Flames offensive woes were painfully evident once again. 

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FGD: Flying Out of 2013

Ryan Pike
December 31 2013 02:59PM

Pic via Camera Slayer

The Calgary Flames are sending 2013 out tonight, hopefully in style, against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are one of many middling Eastern Conference teams that are barely above the .500 mark but still have playoff hopes. To be honest, the Flyers likely aren't that much better than the Flames, but they benefit from playing the Eastern teams more.

In terms of line-ups, Ray Emery will start for the Flyers and Reto Berra goes for Calgary. If Kevin Westgarth arrives in time, he'll slot in for the home side, so presumably your extra bodies for the Flames are Chris Breen, Markus Granlund and, possibly, TJ Galiardi.

The puck drops at 7pm MT and the game will be carried on various Sportsnet properties.

Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year's everyone!

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Here's Why This Westgarth Thing Is Bad

December 31 2013 09:11AM


But floob, it's just a minor trade. How can you hate this trade?

You're right, in the end, yesterday's trade is just Greg Nemisz, a forward who was clearly never going to be in the Flames' plans (rightfully so, Nemo is a bust) for Kevin Westgarth, a career 4th line/minor league facepuncher. Why am I so upset about it? Why does this move (very hyperbolicly, for the record) have me searching the league to find a new team to be a fan of (what's up, Darryl Sutter?)

And you're right, I'm very upset about it, possibly more than I should be, but I am, and with good reason. The trade is a trade, sure, but what the trade MEANS is something very different. And it's a much bigger, far more ominous thing. My fear is this trade is one of just many facets of what Flames hockey is to become, Citizens, and it makes me want to go into hibernation.

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Flames Acquire Kevin Westgarth from Carolina

Ryan Pike
December 30 2013 05:07PM

The NHL's trade moratorium is over and it didn't take Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke long to get to work transforming the club.

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