Five things: Mostly prospects

Ryan Lambert
April 07 2014 07:15AM


1. Gaudreau's weekend

I have seen Johnny Gaudreau do a lot of ultra-impressive things over the last three seasons but I've never seen him do anything like what he unleashed in the NCAA tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I've never seen anyone do anything like that. Not in person, certainly.

In Boston College's first-round game against Denver, Gaudreau scored his first career NCAA hat trick (this seems like it would be impossible but I double-checked everyone else's double-check and indeed, he'd never scored three in a game; he had, however, scored twice like two dozen times in his 118 games). He also had three assists. This merely tied his career high for points in a game. The Eagles, by the way, won 6-2.

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Post Game: Flames Refuse to Die

Taylor McKee
April 04 2014 08:03PM

For those who desperately want the Flames to lose every game to end this season, have a look at today's roster. How much harder can they try to lose? 

The flames started this game with one of the worst lineups they have dressed in my living memory. With Stajan and Byron both away from the team for personal reasons and Backlund not playing after a hand injury the Flames had Monahan, Cammalleri, Galiardi, and Bouma as their centres. Chad Billins and Chris Breen played, AS A PAIR. Oh yeah, with Joey MacDonald in net. All of this was in addition to their regular group of dynamos including McGrattan, Westgarth, Hanowski, and Agostino. They started a line of Hudler, Cammalleri, and Bryce Van Brabant. In an NHL game.

But dang nabbit! These guys don't know how to quit! The Flames won back-to-back games in Florida after defeating the Lightning last night 4-1 and the Panthers tonight 2-1. Find out all about it after the jump.

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Post Game: Grand Theft Ramo

Taylor McKee
April 03 2014 09:13PM

We learned some things tonight folks. We learned that Ben Bishop probably shouldn't be allowed to handle the puck. We also learned, and are continuing to learn down the stretch, that Karro Ramo is capable of stealing games for the Flames as he did tonight. 

The Flames won 4-1 on the strength of two quick first period goals and some very good goaltending despite being outplayed for virtually the whole game. It feels good beating the Lightning but I don't want to talk about why okay? So don't you dare bring it up in the comments...

Read all about the game after the jump.  

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Your Calgary Flames: What Are They? (Part 2)

April 03 2014 08:53AM


Picture of the Flames Future Captain Ben Hanowski courtesty of the Associated Press

On Monday, we began a look at the Calgary Flames. A chance to get to know the Calgary Flames. Are they bad? Are they undercover good? If they were stuck on a stranded island and could only bring one book with them, would it affect their PDO? Basically, the heart of the matter is this: is Brian Burke maybe not a crazy person when he says a rebuild can be done by next year when your Calgary Flames are going to vie for a playoff spot?

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but we took that position in Part 1, and along with some nice evidence to back up the idea that this team is improving, and we all just felt super about that.

But to look only at the good and draw a conclusion means implies that there is no bad, and that's not how we roll at Flames Nation. We've been holed in our underground basement lair all week, and we've come to one key crux of the debate: This team needs more work.

That's not to take away from the great strides made this season, but you don't take the cake out of the oven when it's only half baked unless you're a moron. And you're not a moron, you know this.

So without further adieu, let's introduce some road blocks the team faces ahead, as the fight towards relevance continues upward.

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The Flames Nation Faceoff Period 2 is NOW!

April 02 2014 08:13PM

Here is Part 2 of the Faceoff that was necessitated after the asshole host had his internet connection drop and the whole damn process had to be started over again

Watch as Christian, Taylor, Byron, and myself (and maybe Justin, that tardy bastard) discuss the rise and fall of the Flames empire.

Whatever that means.

If you want to leave your piece (haha, leave your piece), give us a shout on twitter or facebook.

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