Post-Game: Flames Keep it Simple

Kent Wilson
April 10 2013 11:10PM


Pondering Sedins

pic via Project Cat

 As we all know, the Flames have nothing to play for right now but pride. The kids are getting their chance to prove themselves and give 110% on every shift, so there's effort there. On the other hand, the Canucks no doubt entered the evening assuming they were going to win.

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FGD: An Anniversary With the Canucks

Ryan Pike
April 10 2013 03:24PM



Well, gang, we're down to brass tacks. The Calgary Flames will not make the playoffs. If they win every single game, chances are slim. But hey, the season is almost over and the Flames are in full-on audition mode for younger players.

Tonight, with 10 games remaining in the borderline-disastrous 2013 season, the Flames (14-20-4) and the Vancouver Canucks (22-11-6) in the 250th meeting between the two clubs. Since their first epic clash (back when the Flames were in Atlanta) on October 28, 1972, the Flames hold a 123-83-33-10 edge, earning 58% of available points against the Canucks all-time. Expect that record to take a small hit tonight, however.

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Making Highlights Happen

Steve Dangle
April 10 2013 01:10PM



Last night I wrote about some of the things we do at the NHL Network, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Glad to see!

As promised, I’m going to write about how we make highlight packs for hockey games. We’re going to look at two games from Monday night, specifically the Rangers-Leafs game, and the Flames-Avalanche game.

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A Closer Look at John Gaudreau

Kent Wilson
April 10 2013 09:34AM


I usually save this sort of analysis for the off-season, but now that Johnny Gaudreau is the Flames most important, high profile prospect outside of Sven Baertschi (and whoever they pick in the top-5 this summer), I didn't want to wait on things. It was recently announced that Gaudreau would be returning to Boston College to play next year (killing any chance of him turning pro any time soon) so this seems topical as well.

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Hockey TV & the Footage Fairy

Steve Dangle
April 09 2013 09:11PM

Howdy hockey people.

A while back, I wrote about how I make hockey highlight packs for Hockey Night in Canada, specifically for the web ( The feedback was largely positive, so I want to write about it again.

On top on CBC, I’ve also recently taken a freelance position at the NHL Network. While there are a lot of similarities between the two jobs, there are some key differences, too.

If you’re interested in how hockey highlights get done, here’s how we do it.

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