June 05 2010 07:35PM

Stupid Flyers tie up the stupid series and stupid Pronger probably thinks his puck stealing antics might have tipped the scales. And now the NHL - who had a great idea with this backwards footage commercials - pump them out like there's no tomorrow.


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Flames do-over

June 05 2010 04:36PM

Mulligan (from Wikipedia): A mulligan, in a game, happens when a player (or General Manager) gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a "do-over".

ICE-HOCKE-48375WORLD.jpg Jason Spezza image by jjgordo3

With the torch and pitchfork crowd in full effect here at FlamesNation lately, I decided to try and lighten things up; have some fun. OR... maybe even further enrage the masses. Let's  pretend the deal's the Flames made last winter were never made. Let's give them a mulligan on the Phaneuf deal, the Kotalik deal, the Staios deal & the Boyd deal.

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Flames Trade Rumour? Done Deal?

June 05 2010 10:13AM



As we near the official end of the season (how awesome have these playoffs been, btw), some rumblings out of Flames-Land that a possible trade may be in the works. Here's what FAN960's 'Boomer' Dean Molberg just tweeted:

Working on a Flames trade rumor this morning. Nothing confirmed, but believe there to be a deal done... Should mention, if true, the deal is not of the blockbuster variety.

After months of scathing reviews, what does DAZ have up his sleeve? Stay tuned to FlamesNation for updates.

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Prospect Profiles - Tim Erixon

Kent Wilson
June 04 2010 05:04PM


The Flames more recent first round pick spent the entire season in the Swedish Elite League, playing for Skelleftea HC. It was Erixon's second season playing pro hockey for the club, despite only recent turing 19 in February. He was a depth player for the team as a 17/18 year old, but managed to play a more prominent role in his sophomore season (45 games, 7 goals, 13 points).

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Jason Gregor
June 03 2010 02:45PM

As the Stanley Cup Finals wind down, I wonder if Patrick Kane is the most under-rated player in the NHL; or at least from the Canadian media and fans. Jonathon Toews gets more accolades than Kane, and despite his 22 points, to Toews 27; Kane hasn’t been mentioned as even a possibility for the Conn Smyth.

Why I wonder?

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