Vintage Flame
October 25 2011 08:47AM



No one likes to see their team or its GM pull the trigger on a move that is out of desperation or panic. Moves are supposed to be made to better the team and strengthen it when it's ready to take that next step... Or they are made with an effort to realize that they are moving in the wrong direction and they need a significant move to change the course of a sinking ship. Which category do the Flames belong in right now?

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Black Box: Week 3

Robert Vollman
October 24 2011 10:35AM



Every Monday we'll be posting a weekly statistical update on how the Flames have fared with each of their individual players on the ice. We’ve included a dash of interpretive analysis, and links to more detailed explanations for what the stats mean, and how to avoid Don Cherry-ing their application. Raw stats, courtesy Behind the Net, minus Kent Wilson's scoring chances.

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October 21 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
October 24 2011 01:15AM



Another week has passed in the season, and with that, it's time for another review of matters around the league. In this installment, the Canucks make the first significant move of the year, two first rounders appear on divergent paths, and the Leafs face life without Optimus Reim.

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What's Heating Up - Notes From an AHL Insider

Kent Wilson
October 23 2011 11:54AM



Editor's Note - 'Slippery Pete' is a source close to the AHL who keeps an eye on the Heat and the AHL's West Division. He has promised to drop in now and then to share some info and insight on the farm club's comings and goings this year

Line Combinations

Games 1-4

Sylvester – Walter – Nemisz

Rheault – Byron – Desbiens

Bouma – Laing – Meyer

MacMillan – Patterson – Howse

Piskula – Brodie

Wilson – Mikkelson

Henry – Breen


Ortio (GM 3 & 4) (Brown GM 1 & 2)

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October 22 2011 06:08PM


What a magnificent day in Edmonton. The sun is shining, the Oilers play the Rangers this evening and oh what's that? It's Jason Gregor's birthday. We can't imagine how old he is, but short of cutting him in half and counting his rings we will estimate that today marks the start of his 52nd year on Earth. Happy Birthday!

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