Five things: Now what?

Ryan Lambert
November 28 2012 12:01PM

1. Mediation means nothing

There were two things I didn't know or had forgotten about the federal mediation process: 1) The league and PA used it last time to little effect, and 2) nothing the mediators say or decide is in any way binding.

That leads me to believe that, much like the NHLPA's threat of decertifying, there's nothing that will ultimately come of all this. Even leaving aside that whole Twitter flap, this thing seems like a pretty transparent move by the league to agree to it. For one thing, the whole point of decertification — again, it is something of which the league is absolutely terrified — is because the PA feels that the NHL is not bargaining in good faith.

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Flames All Time Top 10 Draft Picks - #10 Sergei Makarov

Vintage Flame
November 28 2012 09:49AM



(Today we begin a new series on the Flames top-10 draft picks of all time. FN writers were polled, their votes tallied and the players ranked accordingly. We begin the countdown to #1 with 10th placed Sergei Makarov.)

As Flames fans, we have become used to a particular phenomenon when it comes to who the organization selects at the NHL draft. That being the only thing most of us are sure about is that their pick is usually going to be “off the board” in some manner. Meaning, no one else is really sure of the pick either.

In 1983, the team indeed went off the board. Not in the sense that fans had razor blades at their readiness with their first round pick, but rather in the twelfth round, 231st overall the Calgary Flames took a flier on a player they were probably never going to see in their uniform. At 24 years of age, Sergei Makarov was easily a first round talent. Heck, he could have even gone first overall had it not been for the cold war and the fact he played in the Soviet Elite League.

At that time there were no such thing as deals or transfer agreements.

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KHL: Komarov scores in upset loss, and more

Steve Dangle
November 27 2012 06:03PM


Just a little KHL Update today, but sometimes the best gifts come in small packages!... OK, I think all this early Christmas music is starting to take its toll.


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Random thoughts - Crazy Mediators and Drunken Prospects

Kent Wilson
November 27 2012 02:52PM



It's slim pickings when it comes to Flames new these days I'm afraid. Aside from constantly raining plaudits on Johnny Gaudreau and following the exploits of the Abbotsford Heat, there isn't much more to talk about in Flamesland.

Instead, here's some general interest links and stories worth following...

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Jason Gregor
November 27 2012 12:08PM

Jeremy Roenick scored 513 goals and 1216 points in 1363 games. In his first 15 seasons he was a point-a-game player scoring 1,124 points in 1,120 games, but then the lockout hit. He'd already played 15 years and it's likely he was going to slow down, but a full season off, where he admittedly didn't train that hard, combined with a serious concussion from a Boris Mironov slapshot to the face saw Roenick's career stats wind down quicker than other elite scorers.

He scored 96 points in his final four seasons, 239 games, so some younger fans never got to see a true reflection of Roenicks' skill. He was a dynamic player. He scored 50 twice, had three 100-point seasons, and he played with an edge.
He had 38 regular season fights, and two preseason fights in his career, and he fought guys like Marty McSorley, Craig Berube, Jeff Odgers, Scott Walker and Matthew Barnaby. He didn't just fight scorers, and the league was different when he broke in. If you were going to run around and hit guys, even if you were a star, you'd have to fight your own battles. Sadly, that isn't the case today.

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