Mark Jankowski - Quotes and Analysis

Kent Wilson
June 22 2012 11:24PM


In the midst of wailing and gnashing of teeth, I managed to make my way down to the press scrum with the newest member of the Calgary Flames, Mark Jankowski. The 17-year old looked every bit the high school student, but answered questions in a calm, poised manner.

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Flames trade down, take Mark Jankowski 21st overall

Ryan Pike
June 22 2012 09:54PM


The Flames made a trade and made a pick during the first round of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. The circumstances of both weren't without a bit of hand-wringing among Flames fandom.

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2012 Entry Draft First Round Live Chat

Kent Wilson
June 22 2012 04:32PM

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2012 NHL Entry Draft: Assorted Thoughts

June 22 2012 02:48PM



With the draft starting tonight, I had some assorted thoughts that seemed to be worth sharing. Most of these won't fill out a full article, but merited more than a Tweet.

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Flames 2012 First Round Overview

Kent Wilson
June 22 2012 10:15AM



Over the last few weeks, FN has profiled 10 different potential Calgary first round targets, some of whom are long shots to be around (Teravainen, Trouba) and others who will be available but have obvious holes in their game or risks associated with them (Aberg, Pouliot).

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