Post-Game: Shut Out Again

Ryan Pike
December 29 2013 08:52PM

The Calgary Flames continued to stumble their way out of the Christmas Break on Sunday night, hosting the Vancouver Canucks at the Saddledome. Surely with the arrival of the club's possibly most bitter rival, the team would show some fire and put their stamp on the game early?

Well, they did, but probably not in the way they intended.

After seeing Brian McGrattan get tossed less than three minutes into the game, the Flames never seemed to get the car out of the garage. They fell 2-0 for the second straight game, at home, to a traditional rival.

After the emotional high of the come-from-behind win against St. Louis, the Flames have lost two straight. And not scored a single goal.

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FGD: Battle of Vancougary

Byron Bader
December 29 2013 12:42PM

After a lackadaisical Battle of Alberta match-up two nights ago aginst the Oilers, it will be another all-Canadian affair tonight. The Flames (14-18-6) welcome the Canucks (22-11-6), arguably the Flames greatest rival, to the Dome for the second time this season.

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Weekend Open Thread - To Tank Or Not To Tank?

Ryan Pike
December 28 2013 10:44AM

(courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Well, the Calgary Flames lost last night to their most (or second-most) bitter rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. The loss was Calgary's 87th against the Oilers, 35th in Calgary against them, and the first time they've been shut out at home against the Oilers.

And you know what? That may be just fine.

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Post Game: Welp

December 27 2013 10:22PM




When it's the Battle of Alberta, even if your team is not particularly good, and even if the Oilers are the hockey equivalent to the guys from Entourage leaving a Nickelback concert to go watch Grudge Match in theaters, and even if the game doesn't feature the same vicious criminal thuggery of the Battles of the 80's, when you lose to Edmonton, it just stings. Especially when this current version of the Oilers are about as good as your Christmas leftovers on April 13th.

Were the refs bad? Yes. Were the linesmen bad? Also yes. Is that the reason why the Flames lost 2-0 to the Oilers tonight? READ THE POST GAME REPORT TO FIND OUT!

Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

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Taylor McKee
December 27 2013 12:01PM

 pic via: PremierofAlberta

It is a great time of year to be a hockey fan. As is boxing day tradition, I am sure many of us set our cell-phones for a painfully early wake-up on boxing day to take in the most hallowed of holiday traditions, the Spengler Cup. As I am sure you all know,  Byron Ritchie helped Canada to a 5-4 win over Viktovice Steel of the Czech league which delighted the entire family I am sure.

It is important to remember that in the eye of the 'Spengler Hurricane' as it were, that is the non-stop wall-to-wall coverage of Team Canada in Davos (who will Alexandre Bolduc be playing with?! Is this Glen Metropolit's last Spengler?!) there is still NHL action to consider, and for Flames fans it doesn't get much better.

It is the 213th installment of the Battle of Alberta tonight and both teams are coming off big victories. With their respective wins in their last games, the Oilers (12-24-3) just snapped a six-game losing streak while the Flames (14-17-6) won for the first time in four games.    

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