Insight into Flames drafting

Ryan Pike
June 06 2012 09:02AM



I had the opportunity to attend an event on Tuesday night held by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto at the Palliser. The event was part of their Leadership Speakers Series and featured author Jason Farris, who's also an executive with the Dallas Stars, and Calgary Flames general manager Jay Feaster. Feaster is one of 35 general managers featured in Farris' new book, Behind the Moves: NHL General Managers Tell How Winners Are Built. 

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Vintage Flame
June 05 2012 05:02PM


Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend the Flames information session held by Ken King. I felt this would be a good follow up to the piece I did last week regarding the direction and role of King within the organization.

Although the session was not as candid as some of those in attendance would have preferred, the President’s demeanor and his willingness to engage the season ticket holders without being dismissive or guarded in any fashion was a welcomed surprise, as were some other factors. Today, Part I examines the discussions leading up to King addressing the concerns of the fan base.

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Five things: Ahhhhh jeez

Ryan Lambert
June 05 2012 08:03AM

1. What are they doing?

So Roger Millions tweeted on Monday that the Flames have every intention of scaling back payroll so that they're no longer a cap-ceiling team. 

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Roger MIllions: Flames Not to be a Cap Team Next Year

Kent Wilson
June 04 2012 12:02PM



SNET's Roger Millions dropped a bit of a bomb on twitter today. He claims the Flames will operate significantly under the NHL salary cap for the upcoming season:

If true, that change can have some wide ranging implications for the club.

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Flames 2012 First Round Targets

Kent Wilson
June 04 2012 09:49AM



The 2012 entry draft is only three weeks away, so it's time to start looking at who the Flames might be targeting with the 14th overall pick. Last year we managed to more or less focus on the right guy, so here is hoping we can pull the feat again.

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