The (Very Early) Look at the 2013/14 Flames Line-Up

Christian Roatis
July 16 2013 10:06AM



With Prospect Development Camp almost at an end, intrigue builds as to which prospects participating have a shot at the big club come October and what the lines might look like once the season opener rolls around. The 2013/14 Flames will undoubtedly feature an unseen blend of youth and veteran presence and will likely carry the youngest average age the team has seen in a decade.

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Random Thoughts - On Kanzig and Brodie

Kent Wilson
July 15 2013 01:39PM


TJ Brodie
- pic via kkthemook


A couple of bits are causing some consternation in Flamesland these days - specifically my takes on TJ Brodie and Keegan Kanzig.

For Brodie, there's a lot of push back on my interest in inking him long-term. Not an unreasonable reaction to tell you the truth - the issue at the heart of the debate is risk vs reward. If you don't rate Brodie as I do or are uncomfortable with the level of risk involved, you won't have much interest in a 7-year type commitment. And fair enough.

I'll say again I don't think a short-term bridge deal is a necessarily a bad play and if the Flames go that direction (which I assume they will), I won't be upset. My presumption is there's more upside to be ahd in locking him down long-term and buying UFA years cheaply now versus what I assume they will cost down the road.

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Development Camp 2013: Corban Knight

Ryan Pike
July 15 2013 08:02AM



- pic via stat19


(Ryan is dutifully attending every day of the Flames development camp. We will continue to roll out all of the player profiles and interviews as he collects them.)

One of the biggest acquisitions of the summer for the Calgary Flames was Corban Knight. The big-bodied center was a star at the University of North Dakota (for the team formerly known as the Fighting Sioux), but opted not to sign with the team that drafted him, the Florida Panthers.

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FN Weekend Open Thread - Dev Camp Thoughts

Kent Wilson
July 13 2013 01:11PM



It was the development camp scrimmage this morning and more than a few folks showed up to watch (my guess is between 500-100). Ryan Pike is busy gathering player interviews as the camp progresses, but for now this thread is share the thoughts and impressions of anyone who has taken in the action thus far.

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Development Camp 2013: Tim Harrison

Ryan Pike
July 12 2013 02:59PM


(finding a pick of Mr. Harrison is difficult)

(Ryan is attending many of the development camp sessions this week. He is going to share his thoughts as much as possible and will also add brief player interviews this one from time-to-time).

You could be forgiven if you didn't know who Tim Harrison was when he was drafted in the sixth round of last week's NHL Draft. The high school senior is hardly a household name, and boasts a light smattering of information regarding his hockey career throughout the hockey-related web.

The 19-year-old even chuckled a bit at the mention of the mystery surrounding him following the draft.

I had the chance to catch up with the 157th overall pick of the Calgary Flames at their annual development camp this week at Winsport.

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