GDB 27.0: Battle of Alberta Means Something Again

Kent Wilson
December 03 2011 04:17PM

(Wanye has instituted a new rule when it comes to BoA's: winner of the last game gets to write the losers game day post. Naturally I readily agreed because it benefited my side of the conflict. So for those Oilers faithful wondering why a scummy Flames fan is penning your GDB, kindly refer all complaints to Mr. Wanye Gretz III esquire)

It's probably not a surprise to most Edmonton fans that none of us down south have taken your club too seriously recently. And by recently, I of course mean for the better part of a decade. Darryl Sutter has become a figure of parody in Calgary since his descent into utter madness and subsequent firing, but his era as Flames coach/GM did feature at least one consistently positive aspect: beating up on the Oil. 

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FGD: Gio Conservative

Nation World HQ
December 03 2011 01:21PM

With Friday's news concerning Mark Giordano, it's very clear the Flames will have to make due without one of their top minute eaters for an extended period of time.  Giordano was second on the team with an average of over 22 minutes of ice time per game, something that is not easily replaced.  Tonight, Calgary plays their second game minus Gio when they take on Edmonton Oilers for the second time this year (8 pm, CBC and Sportsnet 960).

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One-Goal Games

Jonathan Willis
December 02 2011 02:54PM

Are teams that win a lot of one-goal games lucky, or do they have a special ability to win when the chips are down – that characteristic known as “clutch” or “killer instinct?”

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Sarich Has Requested a Trade

Kent Wilson
December 02 2011 09:48AM


Rhett Warrener reported this morning that Cory Sarich has asked the Calgary Flames for a trade. Of course, there's a good chance he Flames have been trying to do that for the last year or two and have been unable to find any takers for Sarich's $3.6M cap hit.

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Postgame: So That Happened

Pat Steinberg
December 01 2011 10:44PM

Aside from the final five minutes of the hockey game, the Calgary Flames played one of their more controlling games of the season on Thursday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Unfortunately for the Flames, the final five minutes was enough for them to scuttle all the prior positives as Calgary coughed up a pair of goals and ended up falling 4-3 in a shootout at the hands of the Blue Jackets.

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