Vintage Flame
August 24 2011 04:30PM



One player that the Flames management and fans will want to keep a close eye on in this upcoming season is defiitely Mikael Backlund. Being touted as Calgary's best prospect, it's time for Mikael to make the jump from a prospect to a fully fledged role player. Entering his third year with Calgary, this season just may provide the opportunity for the young Swede to show just what he can do, with a little ambition and a lot of hard work.

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Yay Optimism - Forward Depth

Robert Cleave
August 23 2011 11:47PM



As the Flames prepare for the last season before the next lockout (there's only some much optimism I'm capable of), one of the likely strong suits of this year's team will be the middle of the order. We've spent plenty of time around these parts bemoaning the lack of a clear number one center, and absent some fairly strange occurrences, that's not likely to change, but the Flames' overall depth at forward is the one factor that might haul them into the second season. With that in mind, there's one line I'd like to see assembled from opening day.

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Yay Optimism - Brent Sutter's steady improvement

Kent Wilson
August 22 2011 12:51PM



It has been discussed around these parts in several comment strings, but the point should be covered in a full article: Brent Sutter's decision making has improved by leaps and bounds since he was first installed behind the bench, likely for more than one reason. One of the reasons to look forward to 2011-12 is that the Flames head coach is positioned to deploy his troops in the most ideal ways possible.

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Flamesnation Photoshop Contest - Celebrating Mark Giordano

Kent Wilson
August 22 2011 08:36AM


As part of th upcoming "Yay! Optimism!" series, we'll be putting together a number of articles on Mark Giordano whose unlikely meteoric rise through the Flames depths charts these last few years is one of th best stories in the NHL. An undrafted junior from the OHL, Giordano was a training camp try-out away from becoming an accountant. Now he's a $4M+ per year NHL defender and future assistant captain of the Calgary Flames (probably).

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Around the Nation - Debut Edition

Kent Wilson
August 21 2011 09:31PM



It's been a big summer for the Nations. We've added some stellar talent to Leafs Nation, Canucks Army and Flames Nation. We had five writers at the draft and managed to debut Flames Nation radio. Oilers Nation radio has grown in audience with each iteration. And the return of the Jets allowed us to add the newest member site to the network.

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