FlamesNation Roundtable - 2013 Season Review

Kent Wilson
May 02 2013 11:43AM



The season over, so it's about time for another FN roundtable. Ryan Pike, Vintage Flame, Ryan Lambert, BoL and Justin Azevedo took the time respond to some of my questions laying out and assessing Calgary's disappointing (half) season.

Feel free to post your own responses in the comments.

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Five things: About that presser

Ryan Lambert
May 02 2013 08:28AM

1. I don't know what I expected

So Jay Feaster held, as most general managers do at the end of the season, a nice long presser on getaway day in which he talked at length about all the stuff the Flames have planned for the offseason. I was particularly interested to hear this just to see the kind of dancing around Feaster did to explain his and the organization's state of mind, given that they actually in-real-life referred to it as a "rebuild."

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FlamesNation year-end Awards - Results

Kent Wilson
May 01 2013 08:46AM



The polls are closed and the results are in! On Monday, FN contributors shared their votes and rationale for the Flames 2013 award winners, but we left the ultimate decision up to FN readers. Today, we reveal the big winners (and one loser) as chosen by the FN community.

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Some Pre-Playoff Thoughts

Kent Wilson
April 30 2013 03:34PM



Not exactly Flame related (well maybe a little), but here's some thoughts bumping around my head as the first round kicks off tonight.

- Thanks to the lock-out shortened season, there are surprisingly lousy teams who made the cut this year. Toronto is the top of the list - they have absolutely abysmal underlying numbers, their bench boss is half mad, and I can't imagine Nazem Kadri is going to continue to lead the league in PDO forever. He's a quality youngster, but he's not the next Crosby.

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Calgary Flames Adjusted 2013 Possession Rates

Kent Wilson
April 30 2013 08:55AM



pic via Shane Henderson

Another year is over and we're left to pick through the rubble a bit. The first order of business is evaluating the various skaters by possession - or the ability to drive play, which is one of the metrics in hockey that has a strong signal-to-noise ratio.

That said, we can correct corsi for a number of factors be better put it into context and up the level of confidence with which we can say the number is indicative of the player's ability and not some other factor (be it luck or circumstances). Two major issues with raw possession rate is zone start (or how often a player starts his shifts in the offensive zone) and quality linemates and opposition (playing with or against good/bad players).  

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