Vintage Flame
June 12 2012 11:15AM


Let’s face it FlamesNation, I have not been the biggest advocate of Cory Sarich over the past few seasons - so when it came time to profile the Flames free agents, I’m probably the last one you expected to see doing the write-up.

Sarich is going to be one of those players whether he is re-signed or not by the Flames that will draw a lot of discussion. Regardless of what side of the fence you sit, undoubtedly most people will have valid comments to back their arguments. In the end, Sarich’s future in Calgary will not be determined by a column with more pros or more cons in it, rather it will hopefully based on a methodical evaluation leading to a logical conclusion.

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Mikael Backlund Hopes For More Next Year

Kent Wilson
June 12 2012 09:22AM



(Uffe Bodin is a Swedish sports writer and editor-in-chief of hockeysvierge.se who is a friend of the site and has worked with me in the past . Uffe recently interviewed Mikael Backlund about his difficult season and was good enough to send over translated sections for FlamesNation readers. The original article can be found here .)

By: Uffe Bodin

(Backlund on returning from his first injury)

"I immediately got the chance on the first line and in the beginning, I felt as strong as I've ever felt. I had three great chances early on, but didn't score and after that things didn't go my way."

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Congratulations to the 2012 Los Angeles Kings

Jonathan Willis
June 11 2012 10:38PM

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions!

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Flames Prospect Profiles: Michael Ferland

Kent Wilson
June 11 2012 02:37PM



Recently named the Flames 7th best prospect by FN, I figured it was time to share the details of Michael Ferland's break-out season with the Brandon Wheat Kings.

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Vintage Flame
June 11 2012 08:33AM


Still the best picture out there of the Center and his expression sums up the Flames season, but what about this RFA should we pay the most attention to? By no means is Blair Jones going to dazzle fans with his offensive prowess 'cuase that’s just not his game. What he did bring to the Flames a hard nosed effort night in and night out, and the opportunity to give his teammates a little more skating room.

Though he only managed to get in 21 games with Calgary before getting injured, Jones was able to make a lasting impression. No matter where you sat in the Saddledome, odds are you could hear the fans (*Cough* Book of Loob and Walk Invisible) changing the chants of “Go Flames Go” to the ever growing popular, “Go Blair Jones”. Plainly put? By doing what he does, he was able to let the others on the team, namely the offensive forwards, do what they needed to do.

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