How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames – A Four-Year (and a bit) Plan

December 22 2012 09:22AM

I've given it to Feaster and the Flames a fair bit, most recently in my rebuilding series. So I figure it is probably time to put some skin in the game and say what I would do to rebuild the Flames. No tricks, no hidden agendas. I feel it is time that I add something constructive to this conversation.

I'm going to rebuild the Calgary Flames.

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Permanent Decertification is Certifiable

Graphic Comments
December 21 2012 10:10PM

Decertification is certifiable

The momentum is growing. Every day the calls to decertify or otherwise disband the NHLPA are growing. And I don't mean from NHL players.

No, hockey fans and media alike are now so fed up with what passes for collective bargaining in the NHL that they want to blow up the entire system. We're not talking just decertifying for the purposes of forcing the NHL to actually make a deal under threat of anti-trust lawsuits, i.e. what the NHL is alleging and what the NHLPA surely intends to do.

No, there are now calls to permanently abolish the NHLPA and in so doing completely free up all restrictions to player movement, including the NHL draft.

Personally, I'm not so sure this is a great idea...

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KHL: Malkin's Gordie Howe Hat-Trick

Steve Dangle
December 21 2012 06:31PM


Malkin drops the gloves and scores some goals, Ovechkin looking better and better, and if the NHL ever comes back, you better watch out for St. Louis Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko.


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AGD: Into the Red Wings Den

Kent Wilson
December 21 2012 04:48PM


Time: 5:00pm

Location: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids


The Heat face a new villain for the first time in awhile. The Grand Rapids Griffins are the AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings and are one of the teams starting to challenge for Abbotsford's spot near the top of the Western Conference.

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Gaudreauby Bakers Shirts Have Arrived

Kent Wilson
December 21 2012 11:37AM



So after a couple long weeks of waiting, I finally got a knock on my door from Purolator this morning. The big box of yellow shirts are here.

I'll try my best to get these things out to everyone who ordered them ASAP. There are a couple of options here:

1.) Mail 'em. This is unfortunately the only option for anyone outside of Calgary.

2.) In you're in Calgary and live somewhere on the south side, I may be able to deliver them right into your mailbox for you. Alternatively, I may meet with a couple of the site's writers who ordered shirts this weekend for a beer or two. If you want to come by a pub and pick up your shirt(s) in person, we could probably arrange it for saturday or Sunday.

I'll get busy putting everything together this afternoon. If you're in Calgary and prefer the straight mail option, no worries. Otherwise let me know via email or comment if you want your shirt(s) delivered or if you want to go the pick-up route (with beers or at my house if you're really desperate). 

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