Welcome to FlamesNation 2011-2012

Kent Wilson
October 08 2011 09:31AM




The Summer doldrums are over. The air is already starting to chill and the trees are shedding their leaves. That means it's time to start another hockey season. We've done the summer previews, the analyses and the roundtables. Before the puck drops on the Flames new year, though, I want to take some time to describe what FlamesNation readers can expect out of the site this year.

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11/12 NW Preview: Vancouver Canucks

Kent Wilson
October 07 2011 05:07PM



10/11 finish: 117 points, First overall

Playoffs: Game 7 heartbreak

Key Players: Sedins X2, Kesler, Malhotra, Hamhuis, Luongo

Additions: Sturm, Weise, Bitz, Ebbett,

Subtractions: Ehrhoff, Glass, Torres

Cap Position: About $1.3 Left

Projected finish: top three in the conference

Last season was a play of three acts for the Canucks. The first act, the regular season, was mostly comedy in which the Canucks ran roughshod over their opponents and their fanbse further cemented themselves the least favored in the league. The second, the playoffs, was more tragedy where despite being heavy favorites the club once again failed to grab the ultimate prize, falling in seven games to the upstart Boston Bruins. And finally, there was the game seven riots; a farce if there ever was one.

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Season Preview: Flames Defense Reasonable Expectations

Kent Wilson
October 07 2011 03:44PM



This is the companion piece to my reasonable expectations for Flames forwards. We're talking about point totals here which are even worse at capturing a given players true value when it comes to defenders, but it's an interesting line the sand nonetheless.

I repeated the process I used for the forwards here: averaging each guy's scoring rate at both ES and on the PP from the last three seasons and then making some educated guesses about his ice time and extrapolating from there. Like the previous posts, I assumed about 48 ES minutes per game broken up between the six primary skaters, as well as six minutes on the PP.

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State of the Nations - 2011-2012 Season

Kent Wilson
October 07 2011 11:56AM


The new season is finally upon us. The sun rises on 2011-12 and with it a new dawn for the Nations Network. We've added some new sites and new faces this summer and are currently working away in Wanye's secret hide-out on future various plans and schemes. Here's a little of what you can expect from us this season:

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Flamesnation 2011-2012 Season Preview Rountable

Kent Wilson
October 07 2011 09:33AM



Old face, new faces, different management, same coach. It's a cross-roads season for the Calgary Flames with the organization wriggling itself clear of Darryl Sutter's long shadow. Jay Feaster pruned two of the more expendable members of the former "core" in Daymond Langkow and Robyn Regehr this summer, but is still apparently set on battling it out amongst the Western Conference's middle class for a post-season berth.

The rebuild, or retool, or whatever you want to call the post-Sutter efforts is likely to be done in degrees rather than a single, purifying conflagration, so the team and we the fans will be caught between worlds this year. Here's how Flamesnation sees things as we head into the unknown:

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