Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #4 Roman Horak

June 26 2013 01:53PM

Roman Horak Flames

By Resolute (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You probably fall under one of two schools of thought when faced with the news that Flames forward Roman Horak checks in all the way at number 4 in the top 15 Prospect list:

A) It's a sad prospect pool if Roman Horak is your fourth best prospect,


B) Roman Horak has already gone above and beyond anything ever expected of him since being acquired as mostly a throw-in tied to the Tim Erixon trade, and basically anything he's provided to this point has been pure, unadulterated added value.

The truth, quite likely, is that Horak slots in somewhere in the middle of these two camps, but I love this dude, so I'm focusing heavily on a Team B perspective here.

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Flames First Round Targets 2013: Ryan Hartman

Ryan Pike
June 26 2013 09:36AM


Tonight's Bout
- pic via Jason McDonald


When the regular season ended, much of the discussion points from Bob Hartley and Jay Feaster revolved around the Flames becoming harder to play against. The team has a lot of skilled forwards, you see, but the skilled guys aren't huge and their huge guys aren't all that skilled.

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Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #5 Max Reinhart

Ryan Pike
June 25 2013 02:15PM

Max Reinhart
- pic via Jason Kurylo

Three years ago, the Flames entered the NHL Draft with a problem. They had zero picks in the first two rounds of the draft – having traded their first away for Olli Jokinen and their second for Rene Bourque. With no picks in the “important” rounds of the draft, the scouting staff dug into their bag of tricks when the club went to the podium at 64th overall.

They grabbed former Flame Paul Reinhart's eldest son, Max, with that pick. Three years hence, that pick is making the scouts look pretty smart.

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FN Shirt Designs - Final Vote

Kent Wilson
June 25 2013 12:17PM



So we're down to the last few shirt designs and which one gets printed will depend on your votes today. We ended up going with Intellectual Honesty, Good Loob? and Post Apex Player. We have put them all on a mock background and changed up the color to help you visualize things and pick your favorite.

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Kipper announces his retirement...kinda

Kent Wilson
June 25 2013 09:57AM


Casually announcing his retirement after a 10 year stint that saw him become perhaps the best goaltender in franchise history is so very Kiprusoff. Of course, this is translated from a Finnish news source and isn't what you'd call official, so we can't say for certain this is a reality yet.

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