Random Thoughts - October 12th, 2011

Kent Wilson
October 12 2011 02:57PM



We're in between game days here and there's a number of minor issues floating around worthy of a note or two, but not of their own, full-blown article. Here's a few things that have come to my attention...

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Jason Gregor
October 12 2011 10:55AM



It was quite a first week in the NHL.

Winnipeg welcomed back the Jets and gave Gary Bettman a standing ovation, an agent went ballistic over a two-game suspension, Sidney Crosby didn't play, Jaromir Jagr returned, the Sabres, Leafs, Capitals, Flyers, Red Wings, Predators, Sharks and Oilers were undefeated, Don Cherry looked foolish, the Blue Jackets, Flames, and Jets went pointless, thankfully Lowetide didn't change his ways and a few players inched closer to some great achievements.

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Don't Panic

Kent Wilson
October 11 2011 01:47PM



Okay. So the first couple of games have been, uh, underwhelming. The Flames have been outscored 10-5, have the worst shot differential in the league and have looked for all the world like a hopelessly outclassed collection of overpaid stiffs.

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Max Reinhart Looks To Avoid Slump

Kent Wilson
October 11 2011 11:11AM



Future Considerations will be stop by to provide updates on notable Flames prospects now and then. Today we take a look at Max Reinhart.

By: Future Considerations

Max Reinhart found himself in the basement of the Scotiabank Saddledome talking to media after a Calgary victory. But instead of waiting for the media to converge on the Flames’ dressing room, Reinhart instead found him walking down the dark tunnel that meets with the bowels of the storied rink after emerging from the visiting club’s habitat.

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Black Box: Week 1

Robert Vollman
October 11 2011 09:05AM



Every Monday we'll be posting a weekly statistical update on how the Flames have fared with each of their individual players on the ice. This first week will be rather tame not only because they've played just a single game, but because two of the major statistical sites on which we rely aren't set up with 2011-12 data yet. Consider this a trial run, and a good way to see what it will look when it's all put together.

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