Flames Sign David Wolf (And Other Stuff)

Ryan Pike
May 12 2014 11:39AM

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The Flames have added some beef, as the team has added German winger David Wolf to a one-year contract.

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Year-End Scoring Chance Round-Up

Ryan Pike
May 12 2014 08:00AM

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One of the things we do here at FlamesNation is count scoring chances. We do this because we care, but also because the data can be pretty useful - both on an individual level and in the aggregate. We'll have some more time to dig into the data over the summer, but here's a quick overview of how things turned out for individual players.

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Weekend Open Thread: Race to The Cap Floor

Ryan Pike
May 10 2014 09:15AM

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A good many people, myself included, have spent the first part of spring actively contemplating the future of Dennis Wideman.

It's no small wonder. To be charitable, he didn't have a good season. To be blunt, he wasn't very good at all. We'll dig into the team-wide possession stats a bit next week, but let me spoil it for you: however you slice it, Wideman wildly under-performed.

He's also making more than any Flame not named Mike Cammalleri, and he's on the richest deal on the books for next season. He's been floated out there as a prime compliance buyout candidate, as who wants a third-pairing blueliner making $5.25 million on the books?

Well, probably these guys might.

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May 09 2014 03:40PM


The playoffs are well under way as is the Nation Drafts playoffs pool, and it seems as though there are new names on the leaderboard every week.  Either that's a sign that we're all geniuses or that the players we've chosen are choking at all world levels.  You'd have to think, at this point, anyone that picked Rick Nash is about ready to punch him in the mouth, right? In the very least, Nash has more opportunity to score than my champion pick Chris Kelly! Although, Rick Nash only has 4 assists which is not too far off from Chris Kelly's broken leg production. LONG LIVE CHRIS KELLY!

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Byron Bader
May 09 2014 08:30AM


-via Dave Shaver

The NHL draft is one of the most important parts of any NHL team’s year. It is a team’s opportunity to pick up players that, down the road, may turn into franchise cornerstones or at least pieces that will them be successful. Unlike free agency or trades, the draft is an opportunity to add pivotal assets at basically no charge, with the added bonus of (likely) having the player through his prime playing years.

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