More questions than answers

Pat Steinberg
April 12 2010 05:37PM

Darryl Sutter bites his nails

Now that the season is officially over for the Calgary Flames, it's time for the real finger-pointing and question-asking to begin. And, as such, the top of Flames management have made their public appearances and some of those questions have been asked.

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Where it all went horribly wrong

Ryan Lambert
April 12 2010 01:03PM

I've conceived and rejected about 50 different ways to construct this season in review. But, unlike Darryl Sutter's plan headed into the season, I didn't decide to simply start it without really having a good idea in mind.

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Flames Press Conference and the Week Ahead

Kent Wilson
April 12 2010 11:16AM

The Calgary Flames will be holding a press conference at 1pm today. Tune into the fan960 for coverage and make sure to head back to FlamesNation for Pat Steinberg's take. There's no indication of what will be announced, although my money is on "excuse making and status quo".

This week will also feature more post-mortems including my take on Brent Sutter and the Flames roster this season, more than one Jarome Iginla post as well as TLP's player grades. Stay tuned!

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GDFD No. 82: Playing out the string

Ryan Lambert
April 10 2010 03:38PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 82nd and final game of the season on April 10, 2010.

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Do they sell wingers at the dollar store?

Jean Lefebvre
April 10 2010 01:25PM

There are seven million reasons why projecting the 2010-11 Calgary Flames lineup is somewhat of a fool’s errand.

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