Flames Scoring Chances - Game 45 versus Toronto

Kent Wilson
January 15 2011 08:13PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20661

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Game No. 45: Like a Lebda

Ryan Lambert
January 15 2011 02:55PM

Fun fact: the Toronto Maple Leafs are not a terrible hockey team.

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FGD: So Far, So Good

Pat Steinberg
January 15 2011 10:54AM

Hey, give the Calgary Flames credit.  After Friday's 3-2 win in Ottawa, they've accomplished their goal of winning two of three games in three consecutive three game segments.  That's a lot of numbers, but the basic math is there...they have 12 points in nine games, which means they're play .666 hockey, which is exactly what everyone said they needed to do.  A new three game segment starts tonight in Toronto against the suddenly better Maple Leafs (5 pm, CBC and The FAN 960).

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Gameday Preview - Bright sides

Kent Wilson
January 15 2011 10:53AM



As much as the Senators are hailed as a mirror image of the Flames currently, the Leafs may be a vision of things to come. Decimated by years of shoddy JFJ management, the NHL's most profitable franchise is still trying to pick up the pieces. Brian Burke was airlifted in fresh off his success in Anaheim, but the rebuilding under him has been rather disjointed. The club sold off a bunch of assets the last couple of seasons, but haven't shied away from spending money (because, let's be fair, they have a lot of it to spend) and making apparently short-term bids to improve, with the Phil Kessel trade being exhibit #1.

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Postgame: Back on the Winning Side

Pat Steinberg
January 14 2011 09:46PM

The Calgary Flames made it a little difficult on themselves Friday night in Ottawa, but three second period goals was enough for the Flames to snap a four game losing skid and take a 3-2 win over the Senators.  The Flames allowed a pair of goals in the second period as the Sens put their full court press on, but it's a win and the Flames can move on to Toronto with a win.

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