Yay! Positivity - My top Five Memories of 2010-11

Kent Wilson
August 31 2011 01:02PM



Yes, last season was a roiling pot of change, disappointment and entirely diametrically opposed outcomes. And, in the end, the Flames near mythical rebound failed to launch them into the post season, marking it the second time in as many years the capped-out club missed the dance.

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Gio Phtoshop Winner

Kent Wilson
August 31 2011 10:52AM



I was going to give the voting process more time, but walk invisible of hit the post fame is walking away with things thanks to her original entry and ability to garner support from an extensive network of friends and acquaintances.

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Radio Waves: New Voice At FAN960

August 30 2011 12:50PM



With Rob Kerr leaving FAN960 earlier this summer to become the Flames play-by-play man on Sportsnet TV, a vacancy was created in the afternoons on Sportsnet Radio. After an exhaustive search, the powers that be have finally found their man... err, men.

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VOICE OF THE NATION - The Fountain of Youth

Vintage Flame
August 30 2011 11:39AM



 (Today we debut VF's Voice of the Nation - a weekly from a more fan friendly perspective)

For months we have talked about what the Calgary Flames need to do this off-season to not only remain competitive in this upcoming season, but to also enhance and secure a viable future, with a refocused look on drafting and development in the farm system. This week we debut "Voice of the Nation", grassroots look at what a team can do from within to dig themselves out of mediocrity and strive towards being a contender once more.

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Daymond Langkow - An Appreciation

Robert Cleave
August 30 2011 07:56AM



This is clearly one of those pieces that I’d rather not have to write, since I’m compelled to discuss a player that, if I had my druthers, would have had the chance to author a Conroy-style coda over the next few years. A player enjoying a period of graceful aging and a nice retirement ceremony is a rare thing to witness in the modern world, though, and yesterday, Daymond Langkow became the latest athlete asked to move along as he neared the gloaming.

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