FN Weekend Open Thread - Looking on the Bright Side

Kent Wilson
April 06 2013 12:20PM


The open thread is something I used during the cursed lock-out to keep the discussion rolling here on FN. I figured it's time to resurrect it as we approach the off-season.

I may expand on this on Monday, but today let's focus on the bright side of things. For many this likely seems as the darkest days of their fanship, but TJ Brodie's incredible emergence this season as a legitimate top-4 defender (whose ceiling may be beyond what even I considered possible before the season started) proves there are always silver linings to dark clouds.

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POST-GAME: The Hav-lats and the Have-nots

Vintage Flame
April 06 2013 12:29AM


When you're 0 for 11 on the road and the team you are playing against is going for their seventh straight wins, you don't have a lot to be optimistic about. Especially when you look at your roster and as Kent noted, Cory Sarich is your third best defenseman. O.o

Nevertheless, Calgary still has to play the games and as Kent also alluded to, have their pride hanging in the balance; so it's still seems there are some important games left to play.

The good news?... The Sharks have only lost one game at home in regulation time, so you know depending what side of the fence you are on for this game, there is always that. And, in the end, tonight would turn out to be a win/win sort of night for your Calgary Flames. Why? Let's find out...

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FGD: Still Stuff to Care About

Kent Wilson
April 05 2013 04:05PM



The Flames are in San Jose taking on the Sharks tonight, but the opponent is all but immaterial. Calgary's not making the playoffs, so their competitiveness and the quality of their foes is more or less irrelevant for the duration.

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Five things: Not a great start

Ryan Lambert
April 05 2013 11:43AM


1. The R-Word

The exact quote of what Jay Feaster said the other day in his post-deadline presser doesn't really matter, but what does is how nimbly he moved around use of the word "Rebuild" in describing what it means when Jarome Iginla and Jay Bouwmeester and Blake Comeau are traded and it seems for all the world that Miikka Kiprusoff will shuffle off into retirement at the end of this season.

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Prophecies of an Anonymous Oilers Fan

Kent Wilson
April 05 2013 09:45AM

Centre ice-man

pic via Gary Blaney

 (I was sent this yesterday from an Oilers fan who wanted to remain nameless. It details, from experience, our suffering to come)

Flames fans, I come in peace to tell you in detail what awaits you in coming years. Not just tales of the agony of losing and repeat humiliations over the course of a season with only a single day in June to truly look forward to - you know that already. The smart ones among you have known the day of reckoning was set in motion, that pieces of the future were dealt for last, desperate gasps at a playoff spot. I also bring prophecy of what you do not yet know - the hopes, the fears, the over-analysis, the fretting about events out of not just your control but the team's. And, in some cases, explanations for what you consider inexplicable.

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