A GM's Carol: Prologue

Pension Plan Puppets
September 07 2011 07:21AM

Jay Feaster knew he should have taken Ken Hitchcock's advice and cut out spicy foods before dinner.
Image courtesy of Dirty Dangle

In a canopt bed, covered in silks sheets, Calgary GM Jay Feaster chuckles to himself while reading Oilers fans get all wound up:

You know what? I look forward to the Battle of Alberta for the next X number of years. If the idea is, ‘Burn it to the ground,’ then Ken can find another manager to do it.

"Oh man, those dummies think they'll just magically win a Cup after being awful for so long. Not with Tambellini driving hte short bus. Maybe if they had a Cup winning GM like me running things." 

Feaster had almost dozed off when a disembodied voice called out to him and startled him awake, knocking his tray of nachos to the ground.

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Hockey Is Destroying Western Civilization

Jonathan Willis
September 06 2011 09:22PM

Laura Robinson’s article on the Vancouver riots and the violence-worshipping nature of hockey doesn’t quite go as far as the title above, but she comes close.

Robinson argues that hockey – she cites the Vancouver Olympics and the Canucks’ playoff run – leads to violence against women, because of the culture of violence in hockey.

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VOICE OF THE NATION: The Fountain of Youth Part 2

Vintage Flame
September 06 2011 04:24PM




In part two we examine the forwards in the Flames system. Many of the young prospects that were brought into the organization under the Darryl Sutter regime were cut loose in the early stages of Jay Feaster's tenure. Is it a sign of a new direction for the Flames? Has the organization decided to take off the blinders when it comes to drafting outside of the WHL, and get with the times? Feaster's process to look outside the box is categorically different from Sutter's practice of keeping a tight lid on the box and not letting anyone see what he had hidden inside. It is this fundamental change that is leading to what will shape the foundation of the Flames organization.

Well enough of that.. Let's get to it!

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Weekly Statistical Update

Robert Vollman
September 06 2011 08:25AM



Every Monday throughout this season we'll be providing a summary of how the Flames are doing using advanced statistical analysis. In a single page we'll supplement your subjective observations and the traditional box score statistics (“box cars”) with the raw numbers, and some interpretive analysis.

Using all the tools of modern statistic hockey analysis, and an eye so cold and objective that it makes Jonathan Toews look like Ed Whalen, we'll explore how every Flame is performing on a weekly basis. 

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The Rise of Gio Part 2: From Russia With Love

Pat Steinberg
September 05 2011 03:10PM

When Mark Giordano decided to play with Moscow Dynamo of the then Russian Superleague for the 2007-08 season, many viewed it as a colossal gaffe from Calgary Flames management.  After spending most of the prior season with the big club, Giordano and the Flames were unable to come to a contract agreement, prompting the young defenceman to try his hand overseas.  The overall result was a positive one for both sides, and Giordano still believes the right decision was made...by both parties.

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