Looking at the Line-Up Card

Ryan Pike
April 23 2014 09:30AM

One of the things we all learned this year is that the line-up card seems to matter, sometimes.

Mikael Backlund's play (and confidence) found another gear when he found himself wearing the alternate captain's A, and on several occasions Bob Hartley attempted to channel his team's emotions by playing specific players to start the game.

Once it cost him $25,000.

On other occasions, it gave the team's first few shifts a bit of a jump. Here's a quick glance at how Calgary's line-up card - the starters and listed captains - fared throughout the 2013-14 season.

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The Entry Level Contract Bunch

Ryan Pike
April 22 2014 10:14AM

Early this year, Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke appeared (as he often does) at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. If that sounds like a weird fit, it kind-of is - Burke has seemingly embraced the role of being the old crank shaking his fist at those punk kids doing analytics on his lawn.

However, his musings about the challenges of a salary capped NHL did lead to him - as other execs in other sports have done - waxing poetic about the importance of getting contributions from players on entry-level contracts.

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Byron's Big Season Leads to Heavy Decisions Ahead

Steve Macfarlane
April 21 2014 09:00AM

When you’re talking about a 5-foot-8, 160-pounder (a measurement that falls somewhere between his what’s listed on the Flames website and what he suggests he is), the word big doesn’t come up very often.

For Flames forward Paul Byron, it’s come up a lot lately.

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Weekend Open Thread: Faceoffs!

Ryan Pike
April 19 2014 09:49AM

One of the things the Calgary Flames have struggled with - massively - over the past several years is face-offs. They have been reliably, almost epically bad.

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A Look Inside One-Goal Games

Ryan Pike
April 18 2014 10:04AM

One of the biggest rallying cries for how the Flames have improved over the season, at least in terms of their work ethic, has been the sheer amount of one-goal games they've taken part in this past season. In fact, the Flames played in 49 games decided by a goal, tying the NHL record.

But how did all these one-goal games come about? And what does the record really mean?

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