Canada vs. Russia Postgame: Collapse

Jonathan Willis
January 05 2011 11:56PM

Three games were played tonight, one in each period. In the first, we saw the Canadian team we had seen throughout the tournament: a powerhouse, offensively capable and much too busy threatening to allow opportunities against. In the second we saw relatively boring hockey, punctuated by the occasional flurry.

Finally, in the third period, we saw either one of the greatest come-from-behind events in tournament history, or one of the greatest collapses.

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Postgame: Men Playing With Boys

Pat Steinberg
January 05 2011 10:56PM

We talked about Wednesday's game between Calgary and Vancouver being a real opportunity for the Flames to be honest with themselves.  And after watching a 3-1 win for the Canucks, it's pretty clear how honest the Flames need to be.  You can't knock the Flames effort necessarily but this was a Vancouver team toying with their opponent and coasting to a far-too-easy win.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 41 versus Vancouver

Kent Wilson
January 05 2011 10:42PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20595

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Game No. 41: Whoa, we're halfway there

Ryan Lambert
January 05 2011 04:37PM

Hoo boy.

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FGD: First Meeting

Pat Steinberg
January 05 2011 02:11PM

Well, after that 7-2 preseason beating the Flames took to the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary gets set to take on the 'Nucks for the first time this season at Rogers Arena in Van City (8 pm, Sportsnet Flames and The FAN 960).  Oh.  That was a regular season game...okay then.  So it's the second meeting between the teams this season.

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