Black Box: Week 7

Robert Vollman
November 21 2011 08:10AM



In today's NHL it's normally wise to keep scoring down. The lower the scoring, the greater the chance for shoot-out or overtime, leading to a lot more so-called loser points (plus a roughly 50% chance of a further point)  In fact, if you could arrange to end every regulation game tied you'd earn at least 82 points, plus likely another 41 from what is effectively a statistical coin toss, giving you 123 points and the President's trophy. All of sudden Guy Boucher's trap makes a great deal of sense!

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November 20 2011 04:40PM

Impossibly, the 2011-12 NHL Season is rapidly closing in on the quarter mark already. Where does the time go?

Lowetide talks with his usual wide assortment of guests his week and the Blackhawks get some time in the hot seat as Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago and Sam from Second City Hockey talk about their home team only hours before they got an all world beat down by the Oilers.

Har har har.

This is NationRadio. 

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: November 20th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 20 2011 02:55PM

This week’s edition of the Nation Network Hockey Pool has a new leader, as the previous front-runner slips into second place.

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Contextualizing Iginla's Struggles

Kent Wilson
November 20 2011 12:07PM


As of today, November 20th 2011, Jarome Iginla sits fourth on the Flames in scoring with just four goals and nine points in 18 games. He is also a team worst -10. Although he's one of the higtes paid forward in the league, Jarome currently sits 170th in league scoring, trailing the likes of David Desharnais, Kevin Shattenkirk, Nik Antropov, Maxime Talbot, Chad Larose, Jason get the idea.

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Postgame: You Gotta Beat the Man...

Pat Steinberg
November 18 2011 10:29PM

As the immortal Ric Flair says: "to be the man, you've gotta beat the man."  Well, in this case, they did at least half of that, knocking off the NHL's top team, the Chicago Blackhawks, 5-2 on Friday night.  It was one of, if not the, best efforts of the season for the Flames as they were full marks start to finish.  The most important thing is they were rewarded for playing their game start to finish.

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